We have training for senior and junior-level airport professionals in the areas of management, marketing, operations and security.

Our courses are taught by experienced industry practitioners, providing best practices and skills to help you overcome the increasing competition in the airport market.

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IATA Airport & Ground Ops courses are based on the 2022 IATA Manuals, which stipulate the latest rules and regulations that came into effect on 1 January 2022.

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A-CDM in Airport and Ground Operations (classroom)

Learn how to apply the techniques of collaborative decision making (CDM) in the context of airports (A-CDM) and ground operations

  • English

Advanced Airport Operations Diploma

For operations and corporate airport personnel, this diploma combines courses in different areas of airport operations to enhance your knowledge.

  • English
  • Español
  • Français

Aircraft De-icing Operations Management (classroom)

Understand aircraft de-icing standards and procedures as required by regulators, airlines, de-icing service providers and airport authorities.

  • English

Aircraft Marshalling and Ramp Hand Signals (e-learning)

Learn the fixed wing aircraft marshalling and ramp hand signals based on the IATA Standards in the AHM and IATA IGOM

  • English

Aircraft Recovery (classroom)

Identify potential issues in aircraft recovery when removing immobilized or disabled aircraft in a timely manner.

  • English

Airport Business Management - University of Geneva (classroom)

Learn how to strategize marketing opportunities and competitive threats, and achieve goals by using performance management systems.

  • English

Airport Certification and Infrastructure Standards (classroom)

Review aerodrome operator obligations based on ICAO Annex 14 in order to assess your facility’s level of compliance. Learn how to recommend structural changes and improve day-to-day operations.

Airport Command and Control – Smart AOCC (LIVE virtual classroom)

Learn about a method to define the size of an AOCC, to set up documents for the procurement process of systems and equipment based on your organizational structure

  • English

Airport Customer Service (classroom)

Drive a culture of excellence around customer service and communication.

  • English

Airport Development and Infrastructure Design (classroom)

Learn IATA best practices and key principles from the Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM) to plan and expand airport infrastructure.

  • English

Airport Emergency Response Awareness (e-learning)

As a member of the “airport community” understand the main components of an Emergency Response and illustrates how its challenges can be coped with

  • English

Airport Extreme Weather Operations and Planning (classroom)

Explore planning tools and procedures to help your airport respond to adverse conditions. Learn how to establish a proactive culture across your operations and organization.

  • English

Airport Financial Management (classroom)

Learn the essentials to manage a profitable airport: how to assess financial performance, control costs and analyze the impact of industry financial trends on airport strategy and operations.

  • English

Airport Marketing & Corporate Communications Strategies (classroom)

Tools to maximize profit within your catchment area by attracting retailers and service providers. Learn to customize your marketing campaigns to bring in new airlines and higher flight frequencies.

  • English

Airport Master Planning (classroom)

Learn strategic planning and design to help you plan for new infrastructure and land design that optimize airport operations and customer service.

  • English

Airport Operations - Advanced (classroom)

Practical knowledge to manage key airport operations efficiently and safely while meeting your stakeholders' operational requirements.

Airport Operations Flow Planning and Optimization (classroom)

Good planning and analytics are key in optimizing all the operational areas at an airport.

  • English

Airport Operations Foundation Diploma

This Diploma is designed to address the audience of prospective Airport and Ground Operations professionals. The variety of available courses gives the opportunity to identify the key areas required to be able to perform task safely and efficiently.

  • English
  • 中文

Airport Operations Fundamentals (partner-taught or self-study)

Starting a career or wishing to expand your knowledge in airports? Get the essential knowledge you need to succeed.

Airport Operations Fundamentals for the Leadership & Management Training Program (partner-taught or self-study)

Starting a career or wishing to expand your knowledge in airports? Get the essential knowledge you need to succeed

  • English

Airport Privatization and Transfer of Ownership (classroom)

Improve your overall understanding of the required actions and complexities involved in the transfer of airport operations or ownership from government entities to private sector investors and operators.

  • English

Airport Route Development and Commercial Management (classroom)

Modern airports are self-sustained complex businesses with revenue targets. Form commercial development strategies to help you maximize revenue through aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities.

  • English

Airport Security Operations Optimization (classroom)

Learn the basics of operational aviation security with an overview of recent threats and technological developments. Review ICAO and IATA documentation plus standard international procedures.

Airport Services - Passenger Handling (classroom)

Intensive course in passenger services: customer service best practices, conflict management skills, international passenger and baggage handling standards

  • English