In-house training can be a cost-effective alternative to IATA classroom training, delivered to groups of five or more at the location of your choice. At the moment, we are also offering virtual in-house classes. You can choose any existing classroom course for in-house delivery or request a customized solution based on your training needs.

Single and multiple course packages are available, and lead to the same IATA Certificates and Diplomas awarded at our training centers. Search courses for in-house training


  1. Receive quality instruction from IATA Instructors and staff at the location of your choice
  2. Customize courses when required
  3. Transfer skills quickly to your entire team
  4. Save on travel and training costs

How to request 

Complete the request form below, indicating the subject area and course in which you are interested. A specialist will work with you to find a training solution best suited to your company. 

Expect to receive a quote within five to seven business days of your request. Training can then be delivered at your company as quickly as four weeks after a training solution has been determined.

Contact our Sales Managers

For more information about our in-house training offers or to request a Training Needs Analysis, please contact a Sales Manager in your region.

Request form for In-house training of groups

Please complete the form below or contact the Industry Solutions Manager for your area. 

For individual queries about your Training, please Contact Us through our Customer Portal. 


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