​In today’s hypercompetitive cargo aviation environment, development of route networks is a top priority. IATA Consulting provides proven guidance to identify, develop and expand cargo route networks at airports around the globe.

We have the expertise and industry contacts to help your organization identify gaps, reduce leakage, optimize resources and develop attractive business cases that will build new air links to high-potential markets.

Who has benefited from our services?

Some clients that have benefited from IATA Consulting:

How can IATA Consulting help?

Our services provide tailor-made solutions to enhance your in-house capability and develop compelling business cases with robust demand and route profit/loss analysis ready to be presented to cargo operators. Typical service areas include:

Improve airport’s competitive position based on:

  • Detailed traffic profile analysis and air cargo forecasting
  • Airport catchment area definition and mapping

Develop new routes based on:

  • In-depth connectivity analysis
  • Tech-stop analysis

Design measures or incentives to grow cargo business based on:

  • Interviews with key airlines, freight forwarders and external stakeholders
  • Benchmarking analysis

More Information

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