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Air cargo market intelligence at your fingertips.  

CargoIS is the most comprehensive and reliable market intelligence and benchmarking product available for the air cargo industry. 

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Your go-to solution for market trends research, competitor benchmarking, customer and supplier behavior analysis, CargoIS is the premier tool to support data-driven decision making in your organization.

Used by professionals within business development, logistics, air freight procurement, and marketing and sales, CargoIS offers you unrivaled market data derived from 30,000+ freight forwarders and 200+ airlines across 80,000+ city-to-city and 140,000+ airport to airport trade lanes.

Comprising over 20 million airway bills and $32 billion in charges, CargoIS stands alone as providing the most accurate market intelligence available today. 



CargoIS is trusted by 13 out of the top 15 airlines globally and 12 out of the top 15 freight forwarders worldwide.

Leading air cargo business intelligence   

CargoIS empowers you to transition from reliance on guesswork and hearsay to leveraging reliable market data for informed strategic decision-making. With CargoIS, you can now focus on: 

  • Comprehensive benchmarking: Gain insights as to how your organization performs vs. the market over time with visibility on the impact of seasonal trends.
  • Market strategy insights: Access reliable transaction-based datasets to determine the performance of existing trade lanes and inform decision making around new trade lane entry.
  • Improved profitability: Assess of what tonnage and profitability can be expected from potential markets as well as existing markets when managing your business.
  • Optimized account management: Analyze potential business partner(s) (e.g., carriers, forwarders) with tonnage and shipment count data. Identify the right partners through average air freight rate data at both city-to-city and airport-to-airport levels.
  • Enhanced cost management: Ensure your business costs are competitive with analysis of average air freight rates, market total tonnage, and shipment count data available at the airport level.
  • Customizable reporting: Customize your data reports to the unique level of granularity your business requires.


Access the product guide with data samples

CargoIS data unleashed. Get exclusive access to the data behind US$32 billion in air freight charges with our comprehensive product guide, featuring insightful data samples.

What data is available in CargoIS  

CargoIS provides a comprehensive global dataset trusted by top industry players. With customizable subscription options, you can explore detailed insights tailored to your needs, from analyzing market trends to optimizing logistics operations:


  • Weekly (coming in 2024)
  • Monthly

Geographic benchmarking

  • Regional
  • Country
  • City
  • Airport

Weight breaks

  • Up to 23 industry standard weight breaks or customized

Market data benchmarking (depending on subscription type)

  • Chargeable weight
  • Number of shipments
  • Revenues and or Yield

Depending on your subscription type, analyze market data with:

  • Business partner breakdowns (Airline, Freight Forwarder)
  • Commodity breakdowns
  • Service breakdowns
  • Shipment density information
  • Freight tonne-kilometres (FTK), etc. 

What others say about CargoIS


“We have been a long-term customer of CargoIS. The market data provided by CargoIS is instrumental for us in conducting in-depth analyses and exploration at various destinations worldwide. It helps us understand market price and volume dynamics in each country, enabling us to formulate actionable strategies and policies.


"Our NX (Nippon Express) Global Airfreight division is on a digital transformation journey, aiming to place high-quality data at the heart of our business decision-making process. While there are various suppliers in the market, we have chosen IATA CargoIS as our trusted partner. We trust IATA CargoIS for its accurate, up-to-date market insights, intuitive platform, and comprehensive global coverage. Backed by IATA’s expertise, CargoIS helps us stay ahead of industry trends and make strategic decisions swiftly and confidently."

NX Global Air Freight  

Learn more about NX Global Air Freight's experience with CargoIS.

Benefits driven by unmatched data  

CargoIS is the only air cargo intelligence solution based on actual settlement data and direct contributions from airlines. The CargoIS dataset is based on actual transactional data. This data comes from the IATA Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS), and is further enhanced with data contributed by our direct data partners. Benefits of CargoIS data include:

  • Analysis can be completed based on your unique business perspective (airline, airport, freight forwarder, shipper or manufacturer). 
  • Customize data reports (webtool) and predefined excel reports available.
  • Easily integrates data into any data analytics platforms through flat files in ASCII format.

Diverse data access tailored to your business

  • Market focus reports: A monthly pre-defined report (Excel file) providing a general market overview complemented by an assessment of your company performance, including partial airline and freight forwarder rankings (based on flown tonnage). The report can be subscribed to per origin market. It outlines the data available in CargoIS for the past month as well as for the past 12 months on a rolling basis.
  • Ranking reports: A monthly pre-defined report (Excel file) providing your ranking vs. competition (based on flown tonnage).
  • Webtool: A powerful, flexible and intuitive browser-based market analysis tool that gives access to the unparalleled depth and breadth of CargoIS air freight market intelligence. You can design and store your own multi-dimensional reports.
  • Flat files (Business Intelligence Package): The full depth and breadth of CargoIS air freight market intelligence is provided in ASCII format for integration into your management information system. CargoIS data can then be combined with your own data and be fully integrated into your own processes.
  • Other pre-defined reports: Other reports are available (top reports, standards reports…), each of them with specific focus and designed for a specific subscriber category. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

CargoIS covers a wide range of markets globally, and the list is constantly expanding. You can view the current list of markets on our Market Coverage page. Stay updated with our evolving market offerings to seize the opportunities they present. Additionally, you can download a detailed report of our current market coverage for more information.

CargoIS facilitates a comprehensive trade lane analysis around tasks such as identifying trends, optimizing load factors, enhancing capacity planning and optimizing pricing and procurement strategies. By integrating CargoIS data into these tasks, you can make informed decisions on network planning, capacity allocation, service offerings, and pricing and procurement strategies.  

CargoIS can assist cargo carriers in the benchmarking process by providing timely access to  timely, segmented market data. This helps carriers to identify competitive revenue opportunities, enhance profitability, and improve overall customer satisfaction.  

CargoIS provides airlines with access to current and historical data, enabling them to identify under-served markets, optimize network design, benchmark against competitors, support capacity planning, analyze market trends, understand customer behavior, and facilitate collaboration with partners.

CargoIS assists the network planning process by empowering air cargo carriers to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

CargoIS provides comprehensive data and insights on shipment weight and charge data, including average shipment weight, weight distribution, average charge per kilogram, charge variance and correlation analysis. By analyzing these data areas, cargo carriers can identify areas for potential improvement in terms of cargo volume optimization.  

CargoIS facilitates weight break optimization in air cargo shipments by providing airlines with real-time cargo weight data including route-specific weight break recommendations. This enables airlines to monitor weight distribution, optimize weight distribution for specific routes, assess weight break configurations and take corrective actions needed for optimization promptly.   

CargoIS applies Best practice and industry standards (ISO 27001) to safeguard any sensitive information, ensuring that the data released is in compliance with all anti-competitive requirements and is pro-competition.

By directly integrating CargoIS data into forecasting models, airlines can gain a more comprehensive understanding of market demand, leading to improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, and a stronger competitive position in the air cargo market.

  • On a monthly basis CargoIS  is updated with the latest data from both the IATA CASS and CDD systems.
  • Weekly release is planned for 2024.