A simple and user-friendly process enables to create auctions on the IATA MRO SmartHub.  A large variety of parameters allows auctioneers to set up auctions that exactly meet their requirements.

The Auctioneer module includes complementary and paid marketing activities on various channels provided by IATA support auctioneers in reaching their target audience.

Interested bidders can create accounts for the IATA MRO SmartHub free-of-charge by simply registering online.


  • Create, manage, and place bids in multiple auctions
  • Multiple settings for auctions are available: package auctions or item-by-item auctions, free-for-all or pre-defined audience, blind auctions or transparent, forward auctions
  • Extensive statistics and analytics for the auctioneer and participants, such as bidding history, material domain and condition distribution
  • Direct and quick evaluation of complete packages and single parts using the IATA MRO SmartHub FMV after uploading parts
  • Optional daily updates on interactions and bids for your own auctions


Buyer overview

Buyer Overview (Click image to enlarge)

Auction listing

Auction Listing (Click image to enlarge)

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Auctioneer for Buyers

Bidding on auctions on the IATA MRO SmartHub is easy.
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How MRO Smarthub for auctioneers works

  • The usage and bidding are completely free of charge.
  • Bidders can contact the auctioneer via the chat within each auction. 
  • Watchlist feature to stay up to date with your favorite auctions.
  • Export and import auction items for offline preparation and evaluation.
  • For bidders with Evaluator access, each part in an auction can be directly evaluated from within the module.

Auctioneer for Sellers

A simple and user-friendly process enables auctioneers to create auctions on the IATA MRO SmartHub.

Auctioneer Basic

  • Access to Auctioneer module
  • 14 days marketing period before an auction
  • Unlimited auction lots included with a maximal duration of 7 days
  • Bi-weekly e-mail newsletter announcing the auction
  • Advertisement on iata.org and mrosmarthub.iata.org

Optional: Additional Marketing Packages

Event Promo Pack (Included in Starter, Advanced, Pro)

  • 2 standard social media ad banners
  • 2 LinkedIn ad banners
  • 1 e-mail announcement template

LinkedIn Sponsored Ads (3 weeks) (Included in Starter, Advanced, Pro)

  • 4 different sponsored banners
  • IATA managing ad services

Programmatic Ads (3 weeks) (Included in Pro)

  • 10 total banner templates for social-media 
  • IATA managing ad services

LinkedIn In-Mail Ads (1.5 weeks) (Included in Advanced, Pro)

  • 2 message variations
  • IATA managing in-mail ad services

Support Services Package


  • Training session (2h, online) incl. complimentary material
  • Support during auction setup
  • Support during live auction
  • Support after auction (auction end +5 days)
  • Pre-screening of registrations and account management
  • Monitoring and reporting of activities
  • Daily summary for running auctions

Optional: Additional Services 


  • Extension of maximal auction period for another 7 days
  • Additional extension of the marketing packages 
  • Material evalution service for auction lots


Interested in the potential of MRO SmartHub Auctioneer?