Quickly evaluate single parts or whole part lists with the IATA MRO SmartHub Evaluator module. Get market statistics on every detail level.

Shed light on the material aftermarket with industry reference data

The heart of the IATA MRO SmartHub is its unique industry reference data base. Established under the neutral and secure umbrella of IATA, this database contains anonymized transaction histories from airlines, OEMs, MROs, and other airline suppliers.

By using this database, the IATA MRO SmartHub Evaluator can provide market insights and industry reference prices to their customers to support any decision-making process in their material supply-chain. It enables users to easily valuate material, packages, or whole inventories, as well as to benchmark themselves against the market, and to use a reliable and substantial market reference database in every process step.

  • Purchase price reference – Detailed orientation and baseline prices to enable on-time, on-budget procurement of new and available used parts
  • Repair price and turnaround – Accurate and reliable statistics to help you make the best decision for time and budget constraints
  • Sale price reference – Fair market value and market assessments unlocking undiscovered inventory value to enable you to price your own parts for sale accordingly
  • Recommendation of best course of action – Reduce your workload and inefficiencies with improved visual enhancers, the platform advises whether to purchase or repair aircraft parts, based on availability and pricing
  • Material package evaluation – Swiftly determine the fair market value, marketability, and best utilization method for extensive material inventories, parts lists, and fit-lists (e.g. tear-downs


Company benchmark

Company benchmark - The new benchmark feature enables companies to have access to achieved and potential savings immediately. Identify potentials down to part levels to optimize material costs. Individualize the benchmark by considering contractual obligations or setting own goals.

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Market statistics – Access market statistics on transaction volumes and price levels on various levels of details. Get a reliable, clear picture of current and historical market situations with data-driven analyses on real-world market data from various data contributors.

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Market statistics

Part search

Part search – Dive into a deeper analysis for specific parts by using the part search feature. Detailed performance indicators as well as transaction charts provide decision support for on-time, on-budget procurement of new and available used parts. Use repair event information to make informed choices when dealing with workshop orders.

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Material list valuation - Swiftly evaluate whole inventories with the material list feature. Fair market values, marketability, and best utilization method are automatically matched to each part and prepared to enable valuation at a glance.

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Material list valuation