ACMG is an IATA data exchange program open to all airlines interested in sharing best practices on airline cost management, and contributing key operational indicators and cost drivers into IATA’s industry BI platform, for effective cost benchmarking.
ACMG’s ultimate goal is to foster airlines’ financial health, through cost efficiencies and foster sustainable practices. ACMG counts with the active support and participation from over 50 airlines worldwide.​

ACMG goals

  • Address industry wide solutions for effective cost management and operational performance common to all carriers
  • Maintain a global data repository with latest cost benchmarks across all areas of activity within an airline
  • Be a center of excellence for airline cost management

Cost Excellence at your fingertips

The ACMG Data Exchange Program is the Industry source for accurate benchmarking with unique granularity, aimed to improve airlines financial health through enhancing and supporting the critical decision making and continuous improvement processes.

Check out our latest webcast to learn how to become a participant, see a live demo of ACMG benchmarks and hear testimonies from airlines in the group. Dont miss out and get involved !

  • ACMG Data Collection 2022 (FY2021) is now open. In order to submit data and participate in the program, please send us a message at and our team will guide you through the process. The deadline to submit Data is 30 June 2022. But you are welcome to join at any point in time.
  • The BI Web Tool has been under constant upgrades and improvements during this year, and you can review some of them in this webcast recording. However, to learn about BI Tool basic functionality, you may refer to the initial ACMG BI Web Tool video.

ACMG Instructions Manual FY2021 (pdf)

ACMG Flyer (pdf)


  • Share best practices for effective cost management to achieve profitability and foster sustainable airlines
  • Provide ACMG Members with an annual benchmark analysis of major cost drivers and identifying industry trends for major operational areas (as example: fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, staff productivity, distribution costs and many others)
  • Support industry efforts to better understand cost drivers & trends, manage operational costs, and achieve operational efficiencies
  • Refine and standardize definitions and methods from a management accounting perspective
  • Build a unique global airline costs database
  • Increase the number of participating airlines to ensure greater data diversity and accurate analysis/benchmarking
  • Collaborate with members to define and implement operational cost management strategies


  • Membership to the ACMG is open to all airlines, including cargo, charter and low cost carriers. For cooperation with third parties (airports, providers, CAAs and other organizations) – please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits for airlines

  • ACMG is a unique opportunity for airlines to exchange, within appropriate safeguards, cost related industry experience, relevant trend information, new developments, and best practices, as well as an opportunity to network with their cost management counterparts in all airline operations areas
  • Participants will receive an access to more than 70 annual benchmark charts highlighting industry trends, providing benchmark cost information, and enabling airlines to compare their performances with the industry and peer group airlines
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of all the data is guaranteed. All the data submitted to IATA is de-identified or published as aggregated information
  • Customized analytical reports are available upon request. Please contact us should you wish to apply for such a report.

Steering Committee (SC)

  • ACMG is run by its SC (airlines and IATA)
  • Up to 12 airlines can have seats on the SC, including Chairman and Vice Chairman
  • Typically, the SC is having monthly calls in addition to onsite meetings twice a year. In these turbulent times however, the SteerCom Team is having bi-weekly anti-crisis brainstorming calls.
  • Sign up to become a Steering Committee Member (pdf) or contact
  • If you would like to attend one of the SC calls or meetings as an observer, please contact