We have different forms to allow you to process a payment to IATA with a credit card. Please make sure to select the correct service. 

For any help, please contact your product team through our Customer Portal.

Important: Credit card payments may only be used for invoices up to USD 10,000. Invoices over USD 10,000 each should be paid by bank transfer.

Passenger agency program & cargo agency program 

> Pay for accreditation application and annual fees

Training courses

> Pay for training courses.

ID Card

> Pay your ID Card fees

Enhancement & Finance Service

> Pay for aeronautical charges & taxes collection

Invoices issued by IATA Netherlands

> Pay for TACT, Net Rates and Timatic - if your invoice mentions a ‘Relation Nº’ and looks like this one (pdf)

Other products and services

Pay for other products and services invoiced in USD

Pay for other products and services invoiced in EUR