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Simplified Invoicing and Settlement (SIS) for Invoice Receivers allows you to instantly connect to all airlines and suppliers already using the SIS platform to receive legally compliant electronic invoices from your suppliers, interline partners or IATA. See if any of your business partners (xls) are already using SIS and join them for free!

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Benefits of SIS to receive electronic invoices

SIS provides a safe and secure environment to exchange electronic invoices, using a single industry e-invoicing standard. Email alerts notify you every time a new invoice is available and when a payment has been received and applied. The invoices are available for download for a period of 10 years, free of charge and can be retrieved from the platform using valid login credentials only, eliminating the risk of fraud. For easy access, SIS is also integrated in the IATA Customer Portal and offers a Single Sign On functionality. 

Joining SIS as an Invoice Receiver (“TOU” membership) offers free access to receive e-invoices only through the SIS Miscellaneous (Non-Transportation) billing category. This membership is limited to one user to retrieve SIS Miscellaneous Payable e-invoices, benefit from output file data validation and manage invoice payment status updates. If your company wishes to send and/or receive invoices related to Passenger, Cargo or UATP transactions you must join SIS under one of the other programs: SIS for Airlines & Intermodal or SIS for Suppliers & Air Operators.

Key Features 

  • Invoice delivery within 24h (for non-Clearing House transactions)
  • Invoice availability for up to 10 years
  • Updates on payment status (for both billing and billed parties)
  • Email notification on invoice delivery
  • Integrated dispute management and audit trail
  • Integrated settlement via the Clearing House
  • Legally compliant electronic invoicing
  • Digital Signature to meet requirements in multiple countries

Join SIS to receive electronic invoices now

Any entity engaging in business with airlines can become a SIS participant under the "SIS for Invoice Receivers" program. The Standard Agreement for SIS e-Invoicing Services – Invoice Receiver (pdf) is available for information purposes only, not for signature. To request your free SIS access, please submit an online application via in the IATA Customer Portal under the "My Services" area ("Join SIS e-Invoicing"). If you do not see the service, please request it using the "New Service Request" option. Please refer to the user guide (pdf) on how to access the forms and submit an application.

Already joined? 

Members that already joined SIS as an invoice receiver may refer to this simple user guide (pdf) to retrieve their invoices.