To facilitate the collection of issuance charges paid by credit card, IATA provides a managed card settlement for service fee - TASF, which allows the travel agencies to manage the collection of charges through the BSP clearance.

The IATA TASF Card Settlement service enables:

  • All agents to accept all major card types for settlement of Service Fee
  • Use of GDS terminals for authorization and processing of Service Fee paid by credit card
  • Association of Service Fee with ticket booking (if desired) on BSP documents
  • Seamless integration of Service Fee billing into agent booking workflow
  • Settlement of Service Fee card sales in each BSP settlement period

For additional information, access the TASF flyer (pdf)

How to access the service?

The TASF Credit Card Settlement service is an entirely voluntary service offered to all BSP agents. In most countries where TASF is available, no preliminary administrative registration is necessary to start using TASF, and the agent remains entirely free of its usage.


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