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Ticket Tax Box Service (TTBS) is an online platform that enables airlines, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Online Travel Agents (OTAs), IT solution providers and airfare search engines to have access to the latest passenger ticket taxes, fees and charges (TFCs) published worldwide by official sources in a single global database compiled by IATA. Over 150 airlines and 20 GDSs use TTBS on a daily basis.

Use the correct rules and rates for every ticket, each time


With over 2,100 passenger ticket TFCs and with more than 100 modifications of these taxes being issued each month, staying up-to-date can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. To make sense of all these changes, IATA consolidates data from official sources of government tax authorities as well as over 6,900 airports in more than 249 countries and compiles them into TTBS, a centralized industry-trusted database. Updates are done daily to ensure that TTBS subscribers always use the most accurate rates and complete TFCs for all their calculations. Through this database, subscribers are able to:

  • Identify taxes, fees, and charges
  • Price, ticket, and process complex itineraries
  • Bill, audit, and settle taxes, fees, and charges with speed and efficiency

Benefits of switching to TTBS


  • Ensure accuracy in collecting and remitting taxes, fees, and charges for each ticket
  • Improve efficiency thanks to user-friendly lookups with data sorted, filtered, and grouped by airport, country, currency, tax code, and flight segment
  • Benchmark detailed tax data comparison across countries to optimize costs
  • Avoid back payments under collection
  • Decrease auditing fines, minimizes settlement disputes
  • Eliminate time-consuming and costly billing rejections
  • Reduce losses due to uncollected taxes from sales agents and airlines
  • Deliver better cash flow
  • Export data in XML-format for integration in proprietary systems for streamlined processes
  • Access to IATA Subject Matter Experts, training, and help resources
  • Instantly benefit from using TTBS as no special software is required!

Accessing TTBS, easy integration 


TTBS is hosted on a secure web-based platform. It offers a powerful and user-friendly interface providing search and reporting capabilities by country, airport, segment, currency and, tax code. TTBS data is also delivered via XML for easy integration into your organization’s system allowing automatic transactions.

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Sign up to TTBS​

There are five different options to choose from and subscribe to IATA’s tax-related products:

Top Premium Daily​​​

TOP Premium Daily is the most comprehensive and up-to-date solution available for current information on air passenger taxes, fees, and charges.
TTBS daily updates with e-mail alerts, Access to IATA and RATD websites with worldwide daily updates of all Taxes, Fees, and Charges, IATA List of Ticket and Airport Taxes and Fees
  •  Airlines pricing, ticketing and revenue accounting departments
  • GDSs / Pricing systems providers
  • OTAs
  • Ticketing systems providers
  • IT solution providers
  • Ticket auditing service providers

10 or 20 Countries Daily

TOP Premium Daily a la carte allows you to tailor your access according to your Airline’s passengers’ Ticket Tax requirements. This package allows regional carriers to benefit from the TTBS daily capabilities at a reduced cost.

TOP Premium Daily a la carte is conveniently offered as 10 or 20 countries packages and consists of the following services:


TTBS IATA web application with daily updates, XML Daly files to 10 or 20 Countries, daily email alerts on tax changes in picked countries

  • LCC Carriers for flight routing, pricing, ticketing and revenue accounting
  • Airlines' flight routing, pricing, ticketing and revenue accounting departments
  • Small Travel Agencies
  • PSS and small service providers

Top Premium Monthly​​​

Ideal for auditing, consulting, and revenue accounting, it provides full access to the database with monthly updates
Package includes Ideal for Order
Access to IATA and RATD websites with worldwide monthly updates of all Taxes, Fees and Charges, and IATA List of Ticket and Airport Taxes and Fees
  •  Airlines:
    - Revenue accounting,
    - Finance and
    - Taxation departments
  • Revenue accounting providers
Revenue Accounting Tax Database (RATD) Monthly Updates​​​
The airline industry official and only source of ticket taxes and charges to be used for interline billing, settlement, and revenue accounting. It provides worldwide interlineable passenger ticket taxes and fees, carrier’s specific exemptions, and carrier’s specific amounts (CSA’s) updated monthly.
Package includes Ideal for Order
Access to the RATD database powered by ATPCO Tax Summary and monthly .txt files for system integration
  •  Airlines:
    - Revenue accounting,
    - Settlement and
    - Finance departments
  • Revenue accounting providers

IATA List of Ticket and Airport Taxes & Fees​​​

All the worldwide official passenger ticket tax, fees, and charges information is at your fingertips via a quick reference downloadable tool ideal for auditing, data analysis, and reports. Updated quarterly.
Package includes Ideal for Order
Access to a single-user Windows application for PC
  • Airlines
  • Airline service providers
  • Online travel agents (OTAs)
  • Travel agents

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