​The TTBS is mandated to be an industry reference of taxes, fees and charges. It offers a complete suite of applications to help airlines, Global Distribution Sytems, fare search engines and service/solutions providers to:

  • Identify taxes, fees, and charges
  • Price, ticket, and process complex itineraries
  • Bill, audit, and settle taxes, fees, and charges with speed and efficiency

The database, hosted on a secure web-based platform, offers user-friendly interfaces with expanded search capabilities. The format additionally allows seamless system integration.

Now Available! The Enhanced TTBS platform incorporates an array of advanced functionalities such as Reporting, Benchmarking, Multi Currency Taxes and Charges Display, Interactive Subject Matter Expert Support and Interactive Libraries.

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Key benefits

  • Ensures accuracy in collecting and remitting taxes, fees and charges for each ticket
  • Look-up feature with data sorted, filtered and grouped by airport, country, currency, tax code and flight segment
  • Detailed queries of TFC's , official documents and TTBS bulletins are available
  • Automated environment with no special software required
  • Intuitive design across PC's, tablets, and smartphones
  • Data available in XML-format for integration in proprietary systems for streamlined processes

Main packages & how to purchase​

Top premium daily

The most complete subscription which comprises full access, ideal for pricing and ticketing​

Offering: TTBS daily updates with e-mail alerts, RATD, IATA List of Ticket and Airport Taxes and Fees

How to purchase: Please contact us

Top premium monthly

Ideal for auditing, consulting and revenue accounting, it provides full access to the database with monthly updates

Offering: TTBS monthly updates, RATD and IATA List of Ticket and Airport Taxes and Fees

How to purchase: Please contact us

RATD monthly updates

Reflects the interlineable taxes, fees and charges, it is a monthly update customized for interline billin​​g to minimize settlement disputes and rejections. It is ideal for revenue accounting.
NEW! Now includes automated and actual carrier-specific amounts.
How to purchase: Please contact us

IATA list of ticket and airport taxes & fees

A quarterly issued report, it is a quick reference tool, which covers descriptions and codes for airport taxes, passenger charges, stamp taxes, ticket taxes and miscellaneous taxes. It also includes currency codes as well as definitions of common abbreviations and special terms. Ideal for auditing, data analysis and reports.
How to purchase: online store

Resource tools and how to contact us

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  • For any general queries regarding taxes, fees and charges contact us
  • For any sales and subscription invoicing queries, contact us​