A commercial aviation accident repository for aviation safety professionals and researchers.

The Accident Data Exchange (ADX) database provides a unique set of content to make it easy to access integrated commercial aviation accident information. Each accident is classified with the applicable contributing factors that caused the event. This classification is performed by safety experts from top airlines, manufacturers and safety organizations, and it is available in few clicks.

It is also a centralized repository to download the available official reports released after the final investigation. Moreover, ADX provides rate-based information, which consists in normalizing accident numbers with global sectors, to perform analysis that are statistically relevant.

ADX allows the easy extraction of statistics based on many variables, such as airport, aircraft, date, country, phase of flight, accident category, severity, type of operations, and much more.

Why join the Accident Data eXchange?

Today, we constantly strive for data. Airlines, manufacturers, safety organizations, aviation companies and research institutes periodically look for official statistics on commercial aviation accidents.

ADX collects the accident information, allowing us to extract statistics based on all the variables recorded in the database.

Information from ADX can be used to perform a senior management update on commercial aviation safety performance, or to complete a research study on Loss of Control In-Flight or any other accident category.

Join ADX

If you are interested in joining the ADX Community, please fill out the GADM enrollment form (pdf) and send it to us at gadm@iata.org.