The Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) program is a data management platform which integrates all sources of operational data received from various channels. These include IATA-unique programs, which all feed into a common, interlinked database structure.

Techniques to improve aviation safety have moved beyond the analyses of isolated accidents, to data-driven analyses of trends and the interaction between the links in the air transport chain. This is what the GADM program is about. It offers a comprehensive, cross-database analysis, supporting a proactive data-driven approach for advanced trend analysis and predictive risk mitigation.

What’s the first question you hear when you raise an issue in an airline? Where is the data to support this? How is this affecting the rest of the industry? GADM offers the answers to these questions.

Why join GADM?

GADM is the only aviation safety database on a global level, with IATA serving as a custodian trusted by the industry to do this. This presents many benefits and opportunities:

  • Allows airlines to use our benchmarking tool to compare safety performance and issues against global and regional safety trends (FDX).
  • Helps organizations meet the IATA operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) FDA requirements (Flight Data Connect).
  • Grants easy access to shared safety and security data which highlights critical trends on a regional/global scale, as well as anticipates operational challenges at specific airports (IDX).
  • Easy-to-use central repository of aviation accident information, with easily extractible statistics based on many variables (ADX).

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Access to multiple sources of aviation data

Incident Data eXchange (IDX)

The Incident Data eXchange is a worldwide aggregated de-identified database of incident reports, including flight ops, cabin, ground and security occurrences. It offers a secure environment providing users to view aggregated data against standards that are benchmarked with other counterparts.

Flight Data eXchange (FDX)

The Flight Data eXchange provides members with a comparative overview to highlight areas of flight safety concern, with benchmarking available at a global, regional and airport levels. It allows participating airlines to identify commercial flight safety issues comparatively for standard aviation risk areas.

Accident Data eXchange (ADX)

The Accident Data eXchange provides a unique set of content making it easy to access integrated commercial aviation accident information. It provides official reports released after the final investigation, granting rate-based information which consists in normalizing accident numbers with global sectors, and performs analyses that are statistically relevant.


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