The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on global air cargo capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique situation for air cargo. As countries started to impose travel restrictions, passenger numbers dwindled and, in turn, most passenger aircraft were grounded. This had a dramatic effect on air cargo capacity, the majority of which resides in the belly of passenger aircraft. The entire air cargo supply chain has been impacted: while additional aircraft have been brought into service to fly cargo, overall worldwide capacity remains below January 2020 levels (as of Feb 2021 according to IATA Economics data).

With supply of capacity constrained, air freight costs began to increase and fluctuate rapidly. In addition, demand for air cargo transportation increased as production resumed unevenly around the world and the need for parts or finished goods became more urgent. In a situation like this, intelligence and insights on global air cargo markets have become more essential than ever to support all stakeholders to make sound decisions and stay ahead of competition.

Stay ahead of competition with IATA CargoIS.

For over 20 years, IATA's CargoIS is the air cargo industry's premier market intelligence tool, used by the full range of air cargo stakeholders: airlines, general sales agents, freight forwarders, ground handlers, airports and many others!

Leading air cargo business intelligence ​


CargoIS provides a true picture of market dynamics across more than 80,000 city-to-city unique trade lanes, reflecting the business of 30,000 freight forwarders and more than 200 airlines and GSAs.*

To achieve this, CargoIS sources its data from over 21 million air waybills settled every year through IATA’s Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS), as well as data contributed directly by airlines in CargoIS Direct Data (CDD).

These two data sets represent US$ 32 billion worth of airfreight charges. Because CargoIS is the only air cargo intelligence solution based on both actual settlement data and data directly contributed by airlines, it provides the most reliable and comprehensive market intelligence available today.


CargoIS helps you transform this data into market insights.

CargoIS provides a number of tools to analyze the market and identify key trends. The below picture illustrate the service provided.

Outperform the competition with CargoIS!

Good business decisions are based on solid business intelligence

Knowing your competitors, customers and suppliers, as well as the market landscape is essential for fact-based decision making.

Because CargoIS leverages transactional data, it provides reliable data that you can trust in order to make better decision!

    Assess what tonnage and profitability can be expected from potential markets when developing business cases.
    Gain a deeper understanding of your partners’ business to develop purposeful relationships and encourage loyalty.
    Base your negotiations on facts and optimize your yield and bottom line.
    Develop a comprehensive understanding of the inbound and outbound market for effective network planning and decide when to partner and with whom.
    Objectively assess your organization’s performance versus the market and competition, and take action.

One size does not fit all

CargoIS adapts to the unique needs of your organization!

CargoIS subscriptions are designed to accommodate your specific needs and technical capabilities. Our experts can assist you to understand, based on your needs, IT infrastructure and internal processes, which CargoIS subscription is the best match for your business.

    A monthly pre-defined report (Excel file) providing a general market overview complemented by an assessment of how your company performs, including partial airline and freight forwarder rankings (based on flown tonnage). The report can be subscribed to per origin market. It outlines the data available in CargoIS for the past month as well as for the past 12 months on a rolling basis.

    A monthly pre-defined report (Excel file) providing your ranking vs. competition (based on flown tonnage).

    A powerful, flexible and intuitive browser-based market analysis tool that gives access to the unparalleled depth and breadth of CargoIS air freight market intelligence. You can design and store your own multi-dimensional reports.

  • FLAT FILES (Business Intelligence Package)
    The full depth and breadth of CargoIS air freight market intelligence is provided in ASCII format for integration into your management information system. CargoIS data can then be combined with your own data and be fully integrated into your own processes.

    Other reports are available (top reports, standards reports…), each of them with specific focus and designed for a specific subscriber category. Talk to us so that we can find out what subscription best fits your needs.

Data coverage

The list of markets open in CargoIS is constantly growing.
View the current list of markets available.
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Data sources

CargoIS combines the best of 2 worlds to source its data

  • IATA’s Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS)
    This is a global billing system operated by IATA where airlines and freight forwarders settle their transactions. This data source leverages billing data validated by both airlines and freight forwarders and is therefore more accurate and reliable than any other data source.
  • CargoIS Direct Data
    The CargoIS Direct Data (CDD) complements the information received from CASS. CDD consists of data received directly from participating airlines. It was designed together with a working group comprising 30 of the world’s largest cargo carriers and a growing number of airlines are contributing their data, every month, ever since. The two data sources are fully consolidated in CargoIS so that you can access all data in a single database.

You have the choice!

The majority of the CargoIS products are available in two versions:

  • CASS source only
    Leveraging the 21 million AWBs settled annually through CASS sales agents.
  • CASS and CargoIS Direct Data (CDD)
    Leveraging both data sources for the most comprehensive air cargo business intelligence in the world. Available only to organizations contributing their own data into CDD!



  • Enhanced geographic coverage and greater market penetration
  • Market breakdown by commodity & service with multi-level drilldown capability
  • Shipment density information

Free event for all CargoIS subscribers

The CargoIS User Forum takes place annually. It provides a unique platform for the air cargo market intelligence user community to interact and exchange experience with its business partners, its peers as well as the IATA CargoIS team. Participants gain insights to improve their data usage and analytic skills to support their decision-making process.


"It is always a great opportunity to learn more about current and future projects of IATA CargoIS as well as to gain insights into industry best practices with respect to analyzing CASS and other data "

"Great event, that truly puts into perspective the latest trends, initiatives and business intelligence solutions in Airfreight industry including CargoIS market intelligence products"

"Great event - to share & gain knowledge, experience and workarounds"


Cargo IS User Forum

The agenda of the CargoIS User Forum is unique every year. It typically features:

  • An economic analysis of the air cargo industry with an outlook of the upcoming trends
  • Industry leaders presenting best practices on air cargo market intelligence
  • Presentation of the roadmap for CargoIS
  • Face to face discussions to shape the future CargoIS features

CargoIS subscribers will receive registration insutructions when they become available.

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