Why do travel partners want IATA CO2 Connect?

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Travel Management Companies (TMCs), and Booking Search Engines want to meet the growing demand for CO2 data transparency and help passengers make more informed decisions by displaying CO2 emissions on their booking platforms.

  • Access to the most granular, accurate and reliable air travel CO2 emissions data available, based on airline and aircraft specific actual fuel burn and load factor data, contributed directly by carriers, vetted, and audited by IATA.
  • Have confidence that you’re displaying CO2 emissions data based on the first industry developed Passenger CO2 Standard Methodology, adopted globally by airlines.
  • Implement a data model that will always reflect the latest industry consensus, updated regularly as new trends, regulations, or standards arise to ensure consistency and compliance with best practices.
  • Integrate the data seamlessly to meet your requirements: via API or flat-file.