Designed to support environmental responsibility within aviation, IATA's Environment & Sustainability Data solutions offer factual insights and tools to enhance eco-consciousness safety and efficiency.

  • Obtain reliable emissions data to track, reduce, and offset carbon footprints across aviation operations.
  • Access real-time environment data to ensure safety measures while optimizing fuel consumption.
  • Facilitate sharing of best practices and data to promote sustainability initiatives and enhance global environmental efforts.

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CO2 Connect


IATA Turbulence Aware

For accurate CO2 emissions data

Track, reduce, report, and offset your carbon footprint using a CO2 emissions calculator using primary data from airlines.

Turbulence Aware


IATA Turbulence Aware

For wind, temperature and turbulence data

Access live and historical aircraft wind, temperature, and turbulence data for a complete picture of atmospheric conditions.



For fuel efficiency data and insights

Strengthen your fuel efficiency analyses with metrics and benchmarks from across the industry.