The IATA MRO SmartHub Asset manager module simplifies the handling of teardown projects. It aims at centralizing the processes for all involved parties to make the purchasing and the processing of an aircraft teardown more transparent while keeping sensitive information secured. An Asset manager project follows defined process phases: Setup, internal bidding, general bidding, settlement, and finalization.

> Asset manager infographic (pdf)

Project owners can set up projects by providing information about the asset, linking files and documentation, and inviting internal and external participants to place bids on the different asset categories. Updates on the asset status, project news, or project phase changes are communicated to all participants.

In the respective bidding phases, participants can see the content of the asset categories and bid on either whole categories or on line items from a part list.

In the settlement phase, the project owner can select bids from each asset category to calculate a potential purchase price for the aircraft. This can either be done manually for each asset category or they can use automated matching algorithms.

The key benefits for asset project owners and participants are:

  • Centralized information and communication hub
  • Full control of project timeline and project configuration
  • Simple coordination of internal and external bidders on joint asset projects
  • Evaluator features can be integrated to support pricing decisions

In the first version of the Asset manager module, the aim is to centralize the bidding processes and the purchase of the aircraft. In future versions, the Asset manager will be able to handle the processing of the aircraft teardown and downstream processes.