Businesses globally have been affected by the economic stresses caused by the COVID-19 virus. And the challenges will continue as the world—and aviation—transitions to a new normal.

IATA’s virtual classroom courses will help your organization meet these challenges head-on. Air cargo, for example, is fundamental to crisis response but capacity and regulatory issues hinder smooth operations. Likewise, liquidity must be prioritized even though fixed costs remain high.

Our courses have been specially designed to offer solutions to these issues and many more. It is not only your professional development that will be taken to a new level. New skills and content will help the industry achieve a safe, secure, and sustainable future.

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We are in this crisis together and we understand that training leaders are facing an unprecedented and volatile environment. Planning your training requirements for the restart may not pose challenges, as theories and models that guided your decision-making in the past no longer provide all the answers.

We can help you identify your workforce skills and knowledge needs, quickly and effectively through a free 60-minute training needs consultation. Please contact us via the form below and a member of a member of our team will contact you shortly to discuss your individual training requirements for the restart.