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Unlock business insight with current airline traffic data.

Monthly Air Traffic Statistics is a data service providing comprehensive and up-to-date statistics for the global aviation industry, enabling informed decision making. Gain insights into global aviation trends with current data sourced directly from airlines, representing 100% of the world's scheduled air traffic.

Simplify the process of gathering and reconciling diverse traffic data sources to achieve a comprehensive understanding of air traffic, ranging from complete market overviews to regional and airline-specific levels.

Through your subscription you can access our interactive platform, which enables you to drill down, filter, compare, and analyze both current and historical airline traffic statistics.

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Easy access to global and regional airline traffic data

Monthly Air Traffic Statistics offers comprehensive, current, traffic data for the global aviation industry and specific regions. Our datasets, sourced from both IATA members and non-members, can be conveniently accessed through Excel downloads or our user-friendly interactive dashboard.


Discover the advantages of the accuracy and timeliness inherent in Monthly Air Traffic statistics.

Overview of available data

  • Industry demand and supply metrics (RPK, ASK, PLF, CTK, ACTK, CLF, ATK) for international and domestic traffic, with seasonally adjusted series.
  • Freight and passenger traffic data with a cabin class split
  • Individual airline actuals
  • Route area traffic data

What others say about Monthly Air Traffic Statistics


Pratt & Whitney chose Monthly Air Traffic Statistics as they needed detailed, quality, air traffic data to both inform their decision-making and enable them to develop readiness plans for future economic fluctuations.

GE Aviation relies on Monthly Air Traffic Statistics to facilitate strategic decisions, supporting their products and customers in the field, planning for future investments, and managing their business effectively.

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Monthly Statistics+ Annual Sub XLS EN

Format: Excel Spreadsheet
Language: English
Regular Price: US $14400
Plus version includes our Monthly Statistics, plus additional carriers (190, inc. LCC), plus domestic traffic and capacity, updated every 22 days after month end.

Monthly Stat by Route Annual Sub XLS EN

Format: Excel Spreadsheet
Language: English
Regular Price: US $5000

Monthly Historic 1990-2009

Format: WEB Download
Language: English
Regular Price: US $3000
Additional historical data beyond 2010.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Monthly Air Traffic Statistics reports include Passenger and Cargo traffic and capacity metrics at industry, regional, and airline levels. A complete list of the metrics is detailed below:

  • Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK)
  • Available Seat Kilometres (ASK)
  • Passenger Load Factor (PLF)
  • Cargo Tonne Kilometres (CTK)
  • Available Cargo Tonne Kilometres (ACTK)
  • Cargo Load Factor (CLF)
  • Available Tonne Kilometres (ATK)
  • Passenger Numbers (PAX)
  • Freight Tonnes (FRT)

Accessing air traffic and capacity statistics can provide you with key insights into the global air transport industry, helping you understand market dynamics and trends. This information guides strategic business decisions to optimize operations, reduce costs, and identify opportunities. For instance, you can leverage these air traffic metrics to assess market demand and potential expansion opportunities, as well as identify potential risks and disruptions in the air transport industry, allowing you to develop contingency plans.

Our data is sourced directly from airlines, including carriers that do not disclose data publicly. It is derived from actual traffic flown (not from flight schedules) and is calculated based on a sample of airlines representing approximately 100% of global scheduled air traffic.

The Monthly Air Traffic Statistics can be accessed in the form of Excel reports or an interactive Dashboard interface.

Accessing timely air traffic data, updated as early as 22 days after the month closes, allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and shifts. This enables you to monitor market dynamics to quickly adapt to changing conditions and remain competitive.

The data period starts from 2010 onwards, with an optional historical report going back to 1990.

The Monthly Air Traffic Statistics offer traffic data by:

  • Region of Airline Domicile
  • Carrier
  • Route area
  • Cabin Class

Our Monthly Air Traffic Statistics data covers the entire scheduled air transport industry, including:

  • International and Domestic markets
  • Legacy and low-cost carriers
  • IATA Members and non-members
  • Mixed and cargo-only operators
  • Global and Regional carriers