Access a wealth of reliable information about the aviation industry. Our data and statistics solutions provide the most reliable and current information on industry trends. Get exclusive access to data proprietary to IATA and gain unique and valuable insider insights into the aviation industry.

  • Analyze industry shifts and market trends on both micro and macro levels.
  • Dig into the data to gain deeper insight into specific issues affecting your organization.
  • Get a holistic understanding of the aviation industry for better analyses and forecasting.

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For a complete industry overview

Explore a wide range of industry data and metrics from previous years with proprietary statistical information exclusive to IATA

Monthly Traffic Statistics

For regular traffic data updates

Access current and historical air cargo and passenger traffic data to better understand recent shifts and ongoing industry trends.

20 Year Passenger Forecast

For forecasted traffic data

Access short- and long-term passenger demand forecasts to understand the evolution of air passenger traffic in your market.


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For advanced traffic analytics

Get premium, granular data on passenger flows worldwide with an in-depth intelligence solution that can be customized to your specific needs.