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Worldwide Airport Slots

Each year, over 1.5 billion passengers - 43% of global traffic - depart from over 200 slot coordinated airports. The number of slot coordinated airports is expected to grow significantly due to a lack of expansion in airport infrastructure to cope with increasing demand.

IATA is at the forefront of ensuring a fair, neutral and transparent allocation of airport slots at the worlds’ most congested airports through the application of the Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG).

By having the same set of rules at both the departure and arrival airport, the WSG allow airlines to plan their whole network and schedule, and provide choice and connectivity to the passengers.       

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Worldwide Airport Slots and IATA Committees and Work Groups

Slot Policy Working Group (SPWG)

The Slot Policy Working Group is the industry group responsible for guiding IATA’s slot policy and strategic direction, and providing technical guidance on scheduling and slot related matters. This group brings together the airline slot community to discuss and define response to key issues, policies, emerging trends as well as to identify and set out the priorities for action.  The group is also the airline industry’s voice for maintaining the Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG).  The SPWG meets four times a year, including at both Slot Conference events.

Main functions of the SPWG:

Set the airline direction and policy on all issues related to the slot process
Provide guidance on future initiatives and strategy
Liaise closely with other industry associations and regional groups linked to airport slot activities


The SPWG is drawn primarily from the IATA Member airlines slot community, SPWG membership is typically comprised of senior experts in slot management policies and procedures and/or airline scheduling.  

Non-IATA Airlines may wish to be considered for the role of rapporteur to the SPWG, and IATA welcomes and encourages their participation in the SPWG in such role.

The SPWG term runs for three years, starting in September.  The next opportunity for nomination is for the 2022 term.

Membership: Slot Policy Working Group.

Terms of Reference: Slot Policy Working Group.

Contact Details

For queries regarding the SPWG, please contact slots@iata.org

Worldwide Airport Slots  works with:
The  Industry Affairs Advisory Council (IAAC), Plan Standards Board, Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards Board (PADIS)

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