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The Online Accreditation System (OAS) is a secure online system that is accessible 24/7 to accredited delegates of the slot community.

Head Delegates (HODs) are in control of the accreditation of their delegation and can add, remove and edit the details of their delegates online. It is important to note the same accreditation rules apply. HODs must be approved by their CEO (via the upload of a signed Accreditation form 1 (pdf) submitted by OAS to IATA) and delegates must be approved by their HOD (via OAS - no forms required). For information on how to register as a new HOD please see the New HOD tab.

All other accredited delegates in the system have access and will be able to view, but not alter, all contact information of the Slot Conference (SC) accredited delegates.

Please note that:  

  • Slot Conference exhibitors are not part of the OAS nor can they see your contact information
  • IATA will not sell this information
  • HODs cannot delegate the accreditation role to another member of staff

By using the Online Accreditation System, you agree to the Terms of Use (pdf).


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