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IATA publications for Windows® computers in one easy-to-use software

Install the IATA Read​​er once on any Windows® computer. When you purchase the 'Windows' format of an IATA publication, it's added as an individual document to your own, centralized digital library. There’s no need to install a new application... Just downloa​d the document, install it in IATA Reader, and get to work!

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Get the IATA Reader

  1. Download/Save the IATA Reader setup file.
  2. Open/Run the setup file to install the IATA Reader application.
    Example: Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Example: Google Chrome

    NOTE: Installing software within your organization may require assistance from your IT Help Desk team.
  3. Once the IATA Reader is installed, add an IATA publication document. You will need a product activation key. When you purchase an IATA publication (Windows format) you'll receive a product key by email. IATA publications may be purchased from the IATA store.

Add an IATA publication document

Within the IATA Reader

For IATA Reader version and higher, download your publication directly in the application. The version is displayed at the top of the IATA Reader window.

  • Open the IATA Reader.
  • Select the Download icon or select "Add Publications" then "Download…".
  • Enter your product key.
  • The publication document will be downloaded and installed in the IATA Reader.
  • The first time you open the publication you will be asked to activate. Use your product key to unlock the publication.


Using an IATA Reader document (.mirdoc) file

A publication document can be downloaded/saved outside the Reader, then installed afterwards. For example, some organizations may prevent IATA Reader from communicating outbound to the internet for download. Or, a computer support group may wish to download the publication document once, then use the same file to install the publication on multiple computers (multiple product keys required).

  • When you purchase an IATA publication (Windows format) you receive a link to the publication document by email.
  • Use the link to download/save the publication document (.mirdoc file).
  • Double click the .mirdoc file to install it in the IATA Reader. Or, open the Reader, select "Add Publications" then "Install...". Browse to where the .mirdoc was saved.
  • The first time you open the publication you will be asked to activate. Use your product key to unlock the publication.

Obtain a new link to an IATA Reader document (.mirdoc) file

IATA publication document download links expire after 30 days. If you need to, request a new link:

  • Visit the IATA Publications Download Center.
  • In the Download IATA Reader documents section, select your product.
  • Enter your product key.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click Validate.
  • An email will be sent, with a new publication document (.mirdoc) download link.

Activate a publication

Once installed, each publication needs to be activated before it can be used. Activation requires a unique product key. When you purchase a publication, a product key is emailed to you.

  • Activation can performed in online or offline mode. Online is typically the fastest and most convenient. Use offline activation when the computer does not have internet access, or when an organization's IT security layers prevent the IATA Reader from communicating outbound.

    Online activation

    Offline activation
  • A product key may be deactivated/released from a Windows computer twice, in order to move the publication to a new computer (e.g. in case of hardware replacement or failure).
    A customer may deactivate/release a product key from within the IATA Reader.

Product support

Need help with the IATA Reader? Visit the IATA Customer Portal to access support resources and get assistance.


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