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E&F Services: Better invoicing & collection of user charges


IATA E​&F invoices and collects aeronautical charges for airports and ANSPs across the globe. From overflight charges to landing, parking and terminal navigation.

The E&F system can be adapted to any client’s needs. Some clients handle 5 million passengers per year, and others handle 50 million.

IATA’s process can use any AODB or ATC system, but also works with manual processes for data collection.

Download the E&F brochure (pdf) for a full overview of these services.  

Benefits of joining E&F

  • Optimal collection rate – near 100%
  • Invoicing according to aviation industry quality standards
  • Up to 100% electronic invoicing
  • Customized services in data gathering and management
  • Full accounting reports
  • Management of all airline billing questions and disputes
  • Secure accounting powered by SAP®

Supporting civil aviation infrastructure

IATA can invoice both member and non-member airlines and make use of its powerful financial systems to obtain recovery rates as high as 100%. Our unique relationship with airlines allows helping authorities to have a constructive dialogue about both the level of charges and how they are collected.

Serving airports

IATA E&F invoices and collects from over 3,500 airlines on behalf of over 100 airports globally.

Serving air navigation service providers

ANSPs have been working with IATA since 1991 with the E&F solution. Together, the ANSPs that have selected IATA represent 20 million square kilometers of airspace.

IATA is proud to have been selected by 30 different authorities around the world. View customers stories (pdf).

Serving airlines

E&F can help airlines avoid late payment penalties, reconciliation headaches, and disputes. As an industry association, IATA strives to ensure reasonable levels of user charges for infrastructure while reducing costs for all parties involved in back-office processes.

IATA E&F bills airlines on behalf of authorities using a standardized process. This means:

  • All IATA E&F invoices go through data cleaning and verification and are all issued from the same source
  • An airline can get all invoices for the authorities served worldwide through one platform, or get direct feeds into its internal systems. IATA’s SIS invoicing platform is used for the distribution of all invoices, using the industry standard [IS-XML] format
  • Airlines have one convenient point of contact for all questions or disputes: efs@iata.org
  • Airlines have flexibility in how they can pay invoices:
    • Saving bank fees, hassle, and avoid late payments by using IATA’s ICH or BSP systems
    • Opting to pay by wire transfer to an IATA-managed account
  • For payments using ICH or BSP, your money is protected – in case of a dispute, the disputed amount is credited in the next billing cycle

As a major financial transaction processor, we are regularly audited in our practices including compliance with anti-money-laundering legislation. Meaning your money is protected.​

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