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Getting paid by the airlines that use your services can be challenging. Your invoices for passenger service charges or catering services may be frequently disputed, flagged as fraudulent, or disappear into processing limbo for lack of supporting information. Payment terms may not be respected, or settlement may be delayed due to payment processing. When your cashflow is unpredictable, and your time and resources are spent managing things like credit risk and foreign exchange risk, you need a better solution.

Building your own software system is expensive, and most collection services still deliver only limited collection rates. Additionally, they offer no mechanism to ensure your cashflow will stabilize to the point you can forecast.

Take control of charges collection from airlines with IATA APPS


IATA Airline Partners Payment Solutions (APPS) is an advanced billing and collection service for ground handlers, civil aviation authorities and all airline suppliers. IATA’s industry-specific, integrated invoicing and settlement platforms have a response for every challenge you face in getting paid by airlines. No investment in systems is required on your part – we have already built them. You don’t need to search for the right combination of tools for your specific needs, our full-service billing and collection system takes care of that too.

APPS Solutions

Our team of experts works with you to assess your needs and help you build sustainable solutions that stabilize your cashflow and maximize your revenue. Here are some of the challenges we address and the solutions we provide:


  • Do airlines often claim that they have not received your invoice?
  • Are your invoices often flagged as fraudulent?
  • Do airlines delay payment because the format of your invoice is incorrect?

How we help: IATA's Simplified Invoicing and Settlement (SIS) allows you to issue standardized, electronic invoices that are easy to understand for airlines. This speeds up processing on their side, reduces disputes and minimizes fraud risk. Learn more.


  • Uncertain how much of your receivables you will collect this month?
  • Want to eliminate customer credit risk?

How we help: IATA Clearing House (ICH) is an automated collection service that provides 100% on-time payment in hard currencies, minimizing the need to manage credit and foreign exchange risk. ICH is part of IATA’s industry-wide settlement systems which manage over $400 billion in more than 100 currencies. Learn more.

Full Business Process Outsourcing

  • Are your invoices often disputed by airlines?
  • Are they often paid late?
  • Do you lack the resources to chase payment?
  • Do you suspect you may be under-charging or over-charging airlines?
  • Do you have enough visibility on how your revenues are being allocated?

How we help: IATA E&F (Enhancement and Financing) is a complete solution that lets you outsource billing data management and can deliver you a collection rate of over 99% and on-time payment of over 90%. It features a dedicated account specialist for you, a debt collection team, and a state-of-the-art data management tool that facilitates dispute management and financial reporting. It enables you to streamline financial processes and let your people focus on growing the business rather than on administrative tasks. Learn more


  • IATA APPS uses trusted industry-specific invoicing and settlement systems that ensure on-time payment between airlines and their suppliers.
  • The expertise of our teams, our data management tool, and our trusted relationship with airlines, help you put into place all the necessary elements to maximize your revenue from airlines and stabilize your cashflow.  They also help you track financial performance more easily. 
  • No capital expenditure or long-term investment is required – implementing APPS is fast and simple.
  • APPS provides transparency for both internal and external auditing.
  • Using IATA APPS brings trust to your business relationship with airlines by improving the smoothness and efficiency of your interactions with them.


Civil avation authority 
BCAA has maximized its collection rate, which now stands at 98%, up from 70-80%.
- Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority

“It’s truly an incomparable situation to the one we had. Our people are much happier for it.”
- Federal Aiports Authority of Nigeria

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