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Supplier to Airline e-Invoicing (SAI)

​SAI (Supplier to Airline e-Invoicing) is an industry-led initiative extending the usage of one common invoice data standard . It will help airlines and their direct operating business partners to make the digital shift in their financial back office processes. The usage of digitalized and standardized financial data enables automation of the existing business processes and opens the door for innovation and future process transformation.

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Aligning the industry on one common data standard for invoices

SAI vision is to make machine readable invoices a reality at industry level. It requires the adoption of the same language and format to be used for invoice data.

This common language and format for invoices has already been defined by the industry and is materialized by the IATA IS-XML standard, a public standard already in use by an initial group of airlines and partners.

This will help airlines and their core business partners to introduce a systematic and robust financial back office process. It will simultaneously increase speed and quality of financial reporting and analysis, enabling a better informed decision making process.

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