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Turbulence Aware Platform

Turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to cabin crew and passengers in non-fatal accidents (source FAA). Turbulence also costs airlines millions in diversions, damage, extra fuel.  Recent technical advancements enable aircraft to accurately calculate the turbulence state of the atmosphere in fllight. To leverage this invaluable information, IATA has developed a platform to consolidate, standardize and share turbulence data collected from multiple airlines around the globe.

The IATA Turbulence Aware Platform provides airline pilots and operation centers with real-time and detailed turbulence information, enhancing safety and optimizing fuel consumption.

Take advantage of turbulence data sharing

Delta, United and Aer Lingus are the first airlines to have formally committed to share their data through Turbulence Aware platform. More airlines are currently setting up the connectivity to join the platform early 2019.  In order for turbulence sharing to be as efficient as possible, it is essential as many airlines as possible join the initiative.  Join the pool now and decrease turbulence-related injuries, save fuel and improve the overall quality of service.

Contact us at iataturbulence@iata.org to find out how to implement turbulence reporting capability onboard your aircraft and join IATA Turbulence Aware Platform.

Platform deployment timeline

  • June 2018: development kicked off under direction of 12 major airlines
  • February 2019: soft launch
  • Throughout 2019: integration and operational trials with 24/7 support
  • January 2020: full launch

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