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Flight Data eXchange (FDX)

Flight Data eXchange (FDX) is an aggregated de-identified database of FDA/ FOQA type events that allows the user to identify commercial flight safety issues for a wide variety of safety topics, for many types of aircraft, across a global database; as well as allows flight operations and safety departments to proactively identify safety hazards.

With data from more than 100 airports in FDX, which makes up about 500 runways, operators are able to accomplish over 50 different types of runway specific safety analysis and hazard identification utilizing industry data, fine tuning their own operations to minimize risk.

Currently, more than a dozen different events are displayed by location including Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS/ TAWS) locations, Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS) events, Windshear warnings, Unstable approaches, Go-arounds, and high tailwind landing events.

How FDX works

  • Flight recorder data is supplied to IATA by participating airlines
  • Specialist software is used to de-identify the data which is processed against a pre-defined list of safety events
  • De-identified resulting data is displayed in the GADM-FDX website which has built in reporting tools.

Benefits for the participants

  • Identify safety risks using aggregated de-identified FDA- FOQA results
  • Compare global statistics to your own airlines
  • Identify risks at new destinations for your airline
  • View flight animations for safety and training purposes
  • Receive IATA reports on specific topics.

Main features

  • New results populated daily
  • View flight data event statistics covering over 50 different aircraft safety measures
  • Use Google Maps to understand where events occur by phase of flight, geographic location and airport
  • Access a library of de-identified flight animations of various safety scenarios
  • Query the database yourself using simple selection tools

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