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Competency-based training and assessment

In a traditional learning approach, the training is centered on course content, while the delivery of instruction is time-based and teacher-centered.

The course contents are based on defined learning objectives and an assumed level of knowledge from the participants, whose entry competencies are seldom evaluated before participating in the training program. These training programs provide opportunities to address the specific needs of the individual.

The goal of competency-based training and assessment is to provide focused training for a competent workforce. It is a systematic method based on three principles:  

  1. identification of the key competencies and skills to be achieved;
  2. determination of the most effective way of achieving these competencies;
  3. establishment of tools for valid and reliable assessment measurement.

Apply a competency-based training and assessment approach to elevate workforce capacity for organizational success

IATA recognizes the challenges faced by many organizations in developing efficient and effective competency-based training and assessment programs while keeping up with industry standards.

In response, IATA has established a service to support organizations involved in the air transport industry, to implement competency-based training programs for operational-related functions in the following areas: 

  • Aircraft Ground Movement
  • Aircraft Handling and Loading
  • Cargo and Mail Handling
  • Dangerous Goods Handling 
  • Load Control
  • Passenger and Baggage Handling 

To support the development and implementation of a competency-based training program and assessment, we developed the following solutions and services.


​We offer a broad and diverse number of courses on how to design and develop competency based-training and assessment. 

  • Competency-based Training Preparation (coming soon)
  • Ground Operation Training Programs Management (coming soon)  

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