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Digital Cargo

A paperless future

Transporting cargo by air is information intensive. The industry still relies largely on paper. When electronic processes are already in place, they suffer from many limitations (poor data quality, incomplete coverage, lack of common data standards, use of legacy technology and standards).

Our vision is an efficient air cargo industry relying on full paperless processes & smart data sharing, enabling innovative & value-added services to its customers. 

Digital Cargo Conference: September 2019

Don't miss this year's Digital Cargo Conference with an exciting agenda! Over 200 delegates will come together to challenge, debate and push the industry forward. Find out more...​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our projects and initiatives

IATA works with the Cargo Operations & Technology Board (COTB) and its sub-groups to modernize air cargo standards, drive change with industry projects and explore new technologies to assess their potential impacts and use within the air cargo supply chain:

  • Projects: e-Air Waybill, eAWB360 and eAWBLink
  • Cargo standards: Cargo-XML, Piece Level Tracking, etc.
  • Technology: wireless technologies (sensors & data loggers), blockchain, internet of things, big data, etc.

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