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The Value of Air Cargo

Ode to air freight

Air cargo is a trade facilitator that contributes to the global economic development and creates millions of jobs. The global economy depends on the ability to deliver high quality products at competitive prices to consumers worldwide. Air cargo transports over US$6.4 trillion worth of goods, approximately 35% of world trade by value. 

Consumer preferences change ever more rapidly so retailers carry fewer inventories to avoid costly write-offs as product life cycles become ever shorter. Air cargo is therefore an intricate component of the consumer supply chain ensuring we have continual access to quality and choice. 

Because of efficient supply chain solutions, flowers can be picked in the morning in South America and delivered the next day to loved ones in Europe. Tens of thousands of jobs in developing nations are supporting the production of fresh fruits and vegetables so consumers throughout the world can benefit from naturally grown produce.

Innovative, creative, reliable, efficient, safe, secure and necessary. This is today’s air cargo business. Your partner for our modern way of life.

Download the poem "Ode to Air Freight

Air cargo makes it happen

In order to raise the profile and awareness of how critical air cargo is to commerce, the economy and the global community IATA launched the “Air Cargo Makes it Happen” campaign. The visual materials illustrate the value of air cargo and have been displayed in various locations, like Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Beijing, Brussels, Tel Aviv, and Doha.

Help us to spread the message: download the posters, print and display them within your company, airport, and during your events.



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