The Economics Area of Involvement has been designed to enable Strategic Partners to gain valuable and practical financial and economic industry insight. Through workshops, webinars and direct exchanges with the highly regarded IATA Economics team Strategic Partners can bolster their understanding of current and emerging issues, and the challenges and opportunities facing both airlines and the wider aviation value chain. Subsequently, this tailored information is used to inform their own internal forecasting and strategic planning.  

Airline Industry Economics Strategic Partnerships Summary

The Economics Area of Involvement brings together key players in the aviation value chain, including aircraft lessors, airframe, engine and parts manufacturers (OEMs), financial institutions, and leading data and consulting firms. We have designed the program to be an interactive platform, enabling an informal yet informative exchange between our Strategic Partners and with our team of expert economists directly.  Importantly, Strategic Partners can reach out to our team of experienced economists at any time for one to one catch-up calls, on topics ranging from forecasting, policy and advocacy, regional economic analyses and the industry outlook. 


  • Attend an interactive, annual 1½-2-day workshop to explore the strategic, economic and financial realities and challenges of our industry with the IATA Economics team and other industry experts.
  • Join at least three dedicated webinars per year, gaining insights into industry and economic developments and the near to mid-term outlook.
  • Acquire dedicated time by phone or face-to-face with IATA’s Chief Economist or a Senior Economist from IATA's Economics team, to discuss issues of strategic importance to your business.
  • Access to the IATA Sustainability Knowledge Center - an invitation-only digital platform with over 170 airlines and IATA Strategic Partners, offering virtual events and insights from leading industry experts.
  • Receive discounted admission to IATA’s flagship sustainability event, the World Sustainability Symposium and its related interactive workshops.


Annual Airline Industry Economics Workshop

As part of the Program, we invite our Strategic Partners to a 1½-2 day in-person annual workshop, where insights are shared by both IATA’s economic experts and the Strategic Partners themselves. With Chatham House rules firmly in place, this leads to a lively and stimulating exchange of views and discussion.  Ahead of the workshop, we consult with our Partners to identify the topics which are of most relevance and should be incorporated into the agenda. The tailored nature of the workshop allows our Partners to engage in constructive discussions on industry issues which are of particular interest to them. Bringing Strategic Partners from across the value chain and across the world into one room also creates plenty of opportunity to establish valuable and productive working relationships.

World Sustainability Symposium
As governments are now aligned with the industry’s commitment to decarbonize aviation by 2050, IATA's World Sustainability Symposium (WSS) brings together industry and governments to debate and discuss the key enablers for aviation’s successful decarbonization. The aim of WSS is to gather and support the global community of sustainability experts needed to realize aviation’s biggest challenge ever. With a diverse group of delegates in attendance, critical discussions are held on the overall strategy behind the energy transition, the role of government and policy support and the effective implementation of sustainability measures, to name a few. Strategic Partners will receive discounts to attend this event.

IATA Sustainability Knowledge Center
Strategic Partners have access to the IATA Sustainability Knowledge Center; an exclusive, invitation-only platform offering a digital library of curated content from the aviation industry, to over 170 registered unique member airlines. Members of the platform can attend virtual events and hear from leading industry experts, join dedicated virtual communities, participate in online training modules and subscribe to email alerts regarding their topics of interest.  

Focus Areas

  • Identification and exploration of emerging and over-the-horizon issues impacting the air transport industry, both directly and indirectly
  • Guidance on airline industry financial performance at a global and regional level
  • Interpreting macroeconomic influences on the industry
  • Understanding the impact of sustainability trends on the industry, including demand, cost, financing and technology
  • Analysis of developments in the air passenger travel and cargo markets
  • Assessing the impact of trends and issues in policy and regulation
  • Forecasting long-term travel market shifts
  • Insights into airline business model developments

Designed for

  • Aircraft Lessors and Financiers
  • Airframe and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Airline strategy advisers and specialized consultancy firms
  • Airports and ANSPs  
  • Banks and Financial Institutions  
  • Equity and credit analysts  
  • Parts and Fuel suppliers
  • Technology companies, solution providers and GDSs

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).