Strategic Partners in this area will have the opportunity to discuss with IATA's Economics team their latest reports and what are the key drivers behind the industry's passenger and cargo performance and outlook for the coming months.

Airline Industry Economics Strategic Partnerships Summary

Strategic Partners in the Airline Industry Economics area will have opportunities to interact with the IATA Economics team and explore issues of strategic importance to airline businesses and their suppliers. 


  • Attend annual 1-2-day workshop to explore strategic economic and financial issues with the IATA economics team and other experts in the issues being considered.
  • Acquire dedicated time by phone or face-to-face with the Chief or a Senior Economist from IATA's economics team to discuss issues of strategic importance to your business.

Focus Areas

  • Analysis of travel and cargo market developments
  • Assessing the impact of policy and regulation
  • Forecasting long-term travel market shifts
  • Guidance on airline industry financial performance
  • Insights into airline business model developments
  • Interpreting macroeconomic influences on the industry

Designed for

  • Airline strategy advisers
  • Lessors
  • Airports and ANSPs  
  • Manufacturers
  • Equity and credit analysts  
  • Specialized consultancy firms
  • Finance providers  
  • Other suppliers
  • Fuel suppliers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).


Strategic Partnerships Program