Strategic Partners will be involved in the cyber security regulatory environment for the aviation industry by supporting the challenges that the aviation industry is facing and participating in the development of best practices and guidelines.

Cyber Security Strategic Partnerships Summary

Aviation Cyber Security represents a top priority for aviation by maintaining safe, secure, and resilient operations. While technology and digitization bring many advantages to aviation, they also create challenges in managing cyber vulnerabilities in this complex environment. The airline industry is an attractive target for cyber threat actors intent on causing harm, and whose motivations range from stealing value in data or money to causing serious disruptions and damage.


  • Influence the cyber security regulatory environment for the aviation industry
  • Participate in B2B meetings to support the cyber security challenges facing the aviation industry
  • Contribute to the development of standards, guidance, best practices and reports from the industry
  • Be part of the Aviation Cyber Security Risk Management ecosystem
  • Access to Webinars and other activities (including the possibility of advertising)
  • Access to IATA 3CTX Open Forum
  • Access to Regional Round Table (RRT)


  • IATA 3CTX Open Forum
  • Panels
  • Webinars
  • Hackathons
  • Regional Round Table (RRT)

Designed for

  • Aviation cyber security solution providers
  • Aviation cyber risk management regulators and auditors
  • Cyber threat, risk management and framework organizations
  • Experts on transportation cyber security policies, regulations and operations
  • Researchers, students and other relevant resources covering aviation cyber security

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).