Strategic Partners in the Fuel Services Area of Involvement will have the opportunity to discuss industry related matters of common interest to the aviation fuel community on safety, efficiency and sustainability with airline fuel purchasing decision-makers.

Fuel Services Strategic Partnerships Summary

Fuel services connect fuel suppliers and service providers with airlines, for the supply and delivery of on-specification fuel to the airlines’ aircraft around the world in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. The bi-annual Aviation Energy Forum provides the platform for Fuel Services Strategic Partners to engage with airline customers to address and discuss areas of mutual interest.


  • Invitations to attend IATA's bi-annual Aviation Energy Forum 
  • Superlative networking opportunities with Airline fuel procurement executives and fuel suppliers
  • Regular contact with airline fuel buyers and technical experts worldwide 
  • Receive insights, latest updates and trends from the many panel sessions at the bi-annual AEF
  • Access and sponsorship opportunities on the IATA Sustainability Knowledge Center - an invitation-only digital platform gathering members from over 170 airlines as well as IATA Strategic Partners


The Aviation Energy Forum (AEF) is the premier industry meeting for the world's aviation fuel community. The forum is held twice a year and is closely coordinated with both IATA Strategic Partners in Fuel Services and Technical Fuel and IATA's Member airlines. The Energy Forum, in addition to providing the opportunity for airline fuel purchasing decision-makers to discuss specific industry related matters, also allows for joint meetings to address matters of common interest to the aviation fuel community on safety, efficiency and sustainability. The Forum provides a unique platform for networking and bilateral meetings between suppliers and airlines. The Aviation Energy Forum co-locates both the IATA Commercial Fuel Group and Technical Fuel Group meetings to ensure good collaboration and coordination across the airline industry. 

Focus Areas

  • Information exchange on all aspects related to jet fuel
  • Aviation fuel developments and activities in countries and locations around the globe
  • Aviation Fuel Markets, Supply & Demand
  • Commercialization of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
  • Aviation Fuel Quality Standards, Audits and Inspections
  • Jet Fuel Specifications
  • Fuel Supply Chain and Facilities Development
  • Refuelling Procedures
  • Apron Safety
  • Aircraft Fuel Systems & Maintenance

Designed for

  • Aviation fuels and lubricants suppliers
  • SAF producers
  • Refuelers
  • Carbon removal companies

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).