Strategic Partners in this Area of Involvement will have the opportunity to develop strategies and action plans to protect the interests of IATA member airlines. Strategic Partners can support the development of insurance programs and other risk transfer tools, and represent the interests of IATA member airlines on aviation insurance and risk management matters. 

Risk Management & Insurance Strategic Partnerships Summary

IATA's Industry Risk and Insurance Management's mission is to represent the interests of its member airlines on aviation insurance matters and provide insurance and other risk transfer strategies, risk management and insurance training (e.g., Corporate Risk Management course), plus risk management solutions - all aimed at managing overall risk exposures globally.


  • Invitations to attend the annual IATA Risk and Insurance Management (RIM) Forum
  • Exposure to latest developments and risk transfer strategies
  • Speaking opportunities at the IATA RIM Forum
  • Invitations to attend an exclusive IATA annual webinar on topics relevant to Risk & Insurance Management


Risk Management & Insurance Forum
The Risk and Insurance Management (RIM) Forum provides strategic direction to ensure that IATA activities meet the airline industry's priorities. It advises on emerging insurance and risk management issues that are of concern to the air transport industry and it assists in the execution of key industry campaigns in the field of risk management and insurance. 

Focus Areas

  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Risk transfer strategies
  • Global risk exposure

Designed for

  • Airline Insurers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).