Strategic Partners in the Unit Load Devices (ULD) Area of Involvement will have the opportunity to participate in discussions related to the development of standards and guidance pertaining to ULD specifications, handling, restraint, and maintenance, as well as training requirements.

Unit Load Devices Strategic Partnerships Summary

The Unit Load Devices (ULD) Area of Involvement is comprised of two subgroups advising the ULD Board on the operational and technical aspects of ULDs.


  • Develop and maintain the standards and procedures concerning the specifications, handling, restraint and maintenance of ULDs to meet changing industry needs and regulatory requirements
  • Promote the global acceptance, adoption of, and adherence to the IATA ULD Regulations
  • Develop and promulgate the IATA Standard ULD Training Programs
  • Ensure the use of the standard IATA ULD ID Code format, as well as administer the allocation of ULD Contour Codes
  • Liaise with the standards organizations such as ISO and SAE, as well as civil aviation authorities including CAAC, EASA, and FAA to ensure international standards and regulatory requirements are aligned and harmonized
  • Develop standards for the application of automatic identification technology (e.g., bar coding, RFID, wireless tracking device) to ULDs
  • Receive industry notifications on a broad spectrum of areas including Customs and Security requirements, Cargo Safety and Operations standards, development in Cargo EDI messaging specifications, Cargo Tracker, etc.
  • ULD Strategic Partners with a Cargolink Subscription receive a complimentary premium listing in IATA's Cargolink, the cargo supply chain's most comprehensive online business directory


ULD Board (ULDB)

The ULD Board normally holds two face-to-face meetings and regular web conferences annually. Members of this area of involvement may participate in both the face-to-face meetings and web conferences provided that the Secretary is notified in advance.
The ULD Technical Advisory Group (ULDTAG) and ULD Operational Advisory Group (ULDOAG) provide recommendations to the ULDB:

ULD Operational Advisory Group (ULDOAG)
The ULD Operational Advisory Group (ULDOAG) is established as a permanent ULD Board (ULDB) subgroup. The objectives of the ULDOAG are to provide operational recommendations to the ULDB on the IATA Industry Standards, Resolutions, and Recommended Practices relating to all aspects of ULD / accessories handling and operations including ULD training and audit requirements to ensure the superior performance of ULD in providing safe, secure, efficient cargo, mail, and baggage transportation.

The ULDOAG shall consist of not more than 20 members representing their area of expertise in all aspects of ULD handling and operations, as well as training and audit programs. The group shall ideally include stakeholders from airlines, ground service providers, freight forwarders, airports, invited CAA representatives, and members of the IATA Strategic Partnerships Program in the ULD Area. The ULDOAG attends the ULDB face-to-face meetings and web conferences; the ULDOAG may hold its own web conferences if deemed necessary.

ULD Technical Advisory Group (ULDTAG)
The ULD Technical Advisory Group (ULDTAG) is established as a permanent ULD Board (ULDB) subgroup. The objectives of the ULDTAG are to provide technical recommendations to the ULDB on the development of technical standards, as well as clarification on the regulatory requirements for ULD / accessories to facilitate airworthiness and flight safety compliance.

The ULDTAG shall consist of not more than 20 members from airline ULD engineers, ISO/ SAE representatives, invited CAA representatives responsible for ULD / accessories TSO certification requirements, as well as members of the IATA Strategic Partnerships Program in the ULD Area ideally from manufacturers of aircraft, ULD / Accessories, Temperature Controlled Container (TCC), Fire Containment Cover (FCC)/ Fire Resistant Container (FRC), Cargo Loading System (CLS) and ULD repair stations. The ULDTAG attends the ULDB face-to-face meetings and web conferences.

Focus Areas

  • ULD Implementation
  • Warehouse Facility Management
  • Cargo Loading Handling

Designed for

  • ULD and ULD accessories manufacturers
  • Cargo Loading System manufacturers
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • ULD leasing/pooling/tracking service providers
  • ULD maintenance and repair organizations
  • Ground Support Equipment manufacturers
  • Warehouse facility providers
  • IT System providers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).