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23 September 2021

Adding Ease to E-Commerce: Cargoflash’s Contribution in Digitalizing Air Cargo

Along with the infamous pandemic, a revolution started in the air cargo domain in terms of its demand and significance. The year 2020 witnessed a change, bringing the whole world to a standstill. However, this dire situation also showed the entire world how   valuable air cargo is to the supply chain. For decades, air cargo has not grown as expected and remains a small slice of the entire aviation cluster. But with the immediate demand for vaccines, sanitation kits and Door-to-Door deliveries, air cargo flew a few notches higher.

The present-day challenges of the air cargo industry include outdated technology, poor data and limited information sharing, thus affecting the financial performance of the carriers, and unnecessary complexities with the supply chain that hikes the cost. This sector was always technologically challenged. However, with the recent shifts of trends and demands and a massive paradigm shift surrounding the necessity of Air Cargo, the industry has finally recognized the need of making it SWIFT, SIMPLE & SEAMLESS.

Developments, including Big Data, analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT), are altering how air cargo operates presently. The industry is investing in modern technology and developing digital products and services to further open opportunities for the air cargo industry.

As a Strategic Partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Cargoflash Infotech has successfully carved out its niche in this highly competitive market of the air cargo domain within a short span. Established in 2009, Cargoflash has consistently demonstrated the need to digitalizing and automating the long-standing legacy system of this sector’s operations and management.

Cargoflash has aided several airlines in streamlining the logistics operations and enhancing its efficiency to increase deliveries and revenue, whilst avoiding duplication or financial leakage. The company has allowed freight forwarders to connect digitally with the airlines, which not only allows the forwarders to book their cargo but also view their contract rates, allotments, request ad-hoc rates apart from filing claims, and even view their invoices; thus, aiming to enhance their overall cargo business experience. 

Additionally, Cargoflash has developed its nGen Door-to-Door (D2D) System, which empowers the airline to manage the complete lifecycle of the e-commerce business without investing in any assets or manpower of their own.  All operations are handled through third party vendors managed entirely by the system, thus enabling the airlines to operate as a virtual integrator and directly conduct e-commerce shipments.

  • One of our customers recorded variance growth of 1942 % in terms of e-commerce consignments handled in 42 months
  • Gradual shift from conventional B2B Door-to-Door business to e-commerce handling led to a major improvement in Yield per Kg for the customer

The e-commerce messaging platform is seamlessly interfaced with the E-Commerce Customer System, as well as the nGen Virtual Integrator System for real-time data transfer. By incorporating future-ready technology along with the company’s expertise in various logistical domains, air cargo management is gradually becoming a structured and seamless affair with Cargoflash’s designed software solutions.


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