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18 September 2020

Beijing Admoral Science and Technology Co.Ltd.: Creating Smart Airports via Self-Service Solutions

Founded in 2006, Beijing Admoral Science and Technology CO. Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of self-service equipment for civil aviation. The range of products include self-check-in kiosks, self-service bag-drops, self-service inquiry equipment and others in the self-service line. As a proud Strategic Partner of IATA, Admoral boasts vast project experience and expertise, mastering core technologies and ownership of several independent intellectual property rights for its advanced product line. In addition to being a pioneer in self-service equipment, Admoral is known for their reliable service and rapid response rates, thus have been praised over the years by airports, airlines and other industry stakeholders.

In 2019, Admoral successfully participated in the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX). It will serve as the second international aviation hub for the capital and is expected to have the capacity to accommodate 72 million passages per year by 2025. In order to facilitate this, Admoral has put into production 201 self-check-in kiosks, 150 self-bag-drop units, and 35 sets of self-service inquiry equipment. Using a combination of Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things and AI technology, Admoral’s state-of-the-art self-service line has contributed to Beijing Daxing being dubbed as a ‘Smart Airport.’

As an IATA Strategic Partner, Admoral proactively participates in the IATA monthly Facilitation Exchange calls with airlines, aviation authorities and other Strategic Partners. For instance, the “Stay Strong” campaign for COVID-19 brought together members from all over the world to share information and participate in fruitful discussions. In the face of the pandemic, IATA Strategic Partners have united as a family, actively sharing methods and solutions, and striving together to adapt and address the challenges of a changing aviation industry. As a Chinese entreprise, Admoral shared key insights on the current situation of One ID technology in Chinese airports.

In this light, Admoral hopes to continue its partnership with IATA, sharing information and working together for win-win opportunities and solutions for the betterment of the aviation industry.


Lei Wang
Vice-Manager, International Business Dept.
Beijing Admoral Science and Technology Co.Ltd.


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