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31 May 2023

JetBlue & i6 streamline fueling operations with accurate, real-time data

The challenge

Prior to working with i6, JetBlue relied on outdated and manually intensive processes in its fuel data recording processes.

The process involved handwritten paper fuel tickets, which could lead to lengthy entry times, reconciliation times, and more human errors. There was also a lack of real-time visibility into fueling, which made it difficult to access fueling data directly.

The approach

JetBlue partnered with i6 to help them streamline their fuel data recording processes.

i6’s into-plane refueling technology, Fusion6, was deployed at major US airports such as Boston Logan, Orlando, Bradley International, San Francisco, McCarran Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Westchester County, Tampa, Chicago O'Hare and Luis Muñoz Marín.

This enabled real-time insights into refueling operations and accurate fuel data capture. Through i6’s data platform, Perspective6, JetBlue was then able to access and report on accurate fuel data.

The results

With the implementation of Fusion6 and access to Perspective6, i6 has helped the airline automate and digitalize its fueling process, providing real-time data and visibility into fueling operations.

With real-time insights into refueling operations and access to accurate data, the airline is able to drive operational efficiencies at locations with i6 technology.

JetBlue plans to continue rolling out i6 more broadly across its network with i6 in the coming year, expecting to see less time spent on the manual process, fewer errors, and more transparency with access to actual fueling data.

Aria Nikkhoui, Senior Analyst at JetBlue, said, “The team at JetBlue has been pleased with their experience working with i6. Digitizing old processes like fueling can have a massive impact on cost, productivity, accuracy, and transparency.”

Accurate data

While technology streamlines fuel management, accurate fuel data relies on robust validation. Manual procedures for daily transactional closeouts by fuel service providers can often lead to resource constraints, delays, and human errors, compromising data accuracy and emissions reporting.

Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group, said, “We recognize the importance of validating fuel data and have developed innovative solutions to address this crucial need.”

i6’s built-in automatic data validation feature quickly identifies inconsistencies, errors, or missing data points in fuel orders and fuel meter readings. By promptly correcting any inaccuracies, operators can minimize the risk of errors, ensuring the data can be trusted.

Learn more about Digital Refuels with Fusion6.

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