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14 December 2020

Keyvan Aviation: Equipping Aviation with “Clean Crews” during COVID-19

Founded in Istanbul, Keyvan Aviation operates internationally, developing and delivering innovative products and unique solutions that meet the aviation industry’s fast-growing and ever-changing needs.

As a proud Strategic Partner of IATA, Keyvan Aviation introduced the first-ever antimicrobial and antiviral air crew uniforms. These state-of-the-art uniforms provide a high level of safety against bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, thus proving a vital solution for the industry to fly again. While ensuring safety as the number one priority, Keyvan Aviation also elevates the crew’s elegance and professional look in a sustainable way.

Extensive research and discussions surrounding flight and ground crew show that current precautions, such as measuring body temperature, pre-flight testing, cabin disinfection, and the installation of HEPA filters, are not sufficient to stop the movement of  the virus from one place to another, because fabric and textiles provide a perfect place for viruses and bacteria to spread.

As members of the cabin crew are in direct and frequent contact with passengers and aircraft surfaces, they are at a much high risk of carrying and contracting the virus. Thus far, there are two solutions that can prevent the virus from spreading through fabric:  either by guiding them through a UV light system - which is not safe or healthy - or by providing them with a safety uniform.

Even though a good number of airlines provide their crew with maximum protection through disposable Hazmat Suits, sustainability should be taken into consideration as well. Procuring and loading several single-use disposable covers for each flight would add up to significant costs for the airlines. In addition, throwing them away after each flight means overconsumption of resources, causing redundant waste for our planet and negative impact on economy. Considering the number of masks and single-use disposable equipment thrown away daily, Keyvan Aviation invites the industry to protect our sustainable mindset now more than ever.

It is clear that COVID-19, along with other harmful viruses and bacteria, will not be disappearing from our lives any time soon; adaptation to new-normal solutions is inevitable. Looking for new ways to speed up the recovery of the aviation industry, airlines and airports can provide their crew members with a higher level of safety while lowering the risk of transfer by using antimicrobial and antiviral uniforms.

Keyvan Aviation continues to work devotedly every day to improve the product and support the aviation industry in the recovery period and looks forward to seeing airlines fly freely again.


Mehmet Keyvan


Keyvan Aviation

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