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23 September 2021

Toyo Kanetsu (TKK): The Latest Technology with Japanese “Omotenashi” Supporting the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Japan has several major airports from Tokyo to Hokkaido in the north and Naha in the south, that provide the gateways to the sky for many foreign visitors. Most of the major domestic airports use TKK's Baggage Handling System (BHS), and we are grateful that our excellent technology, quality, and safety have also played a key role in creating the IATA BHS reference manual.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has stifled the demand for air travel from overseas, the country was able to welcome about 100 thousand Olympic and Paralympic athletes and other related associates from around the world, albeit one year behind the original schedule.     

Our specialized equipment is what supports the airport in providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for those athletes and other parties. 

Through our cooperation with Materna IPS, a German IT company, we brought self-bag-drop (SBD) with facial recognition technology to the airport, which further eased athletes and others through the travel process, comfortably and safely. Normally, ‘check-in staff’ process passengers face-to-face over the counter. Our SBD, specifically installed for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, uses a built-in, one-ID compatible face recognition system so passengers can check their baggage easily and safely by themselves. One-ID refers to the latest high-security technology that allows passengers whose faces are pre-registered in the system to check their baggage with a simple face scan, eliminating the need for a passport or boarding pass. Furthermore, the new SBD installation eliminates the need for face-to-face contact and makes touchless check-in possible. This is just one way we have used advanced technology to achieve the true spirit of Japanese hospitality (Omotenashi) by ensuring passengers are not exposed to infectious disease.

Our BHS, which was designed, manufactured, and managed based on the core of BHS technology, and developed in cooperation with the IATA BHS reference manual, still has much support from the airport authorities. We are honored to be a Strategic Partner of IATA since 1991.

Toyo Kanetsu

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