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12 December 2020

TravelSky: The Future of Baggage Tracking

At the beginning of 2019, TravelSky embarked on a mission to establish a unified smart baggage tracking system. Today, they are well on course to realizing this mission. Combining the Internet of Things (IoT) with RFID Technology, TravelSky’s Baggage Travel Platform boasts a baggage data service platform that can rectify the long-standing issues of uneven baggage services between airlines and airports across China.

As per the requirements of the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), all domestic carriers flying to and from airports with a volume of 10+ million passengers will implement and roll-out this novel baggage tracking system by the end of 2021.

In terms of commercial operation, TravelSky applies the concept of “Community Cooperation”, which allows the exchange and sharing of internal messages, such as BSM and BPM under the condition of complying with community protocol for airlines and airports that join the Baggage Travel Community, as well as perform operations search through the API.

For the remainder of 2020, the Baggage Travel Platform will complete the baggage tracking data interchange for several large airlines, including Air China, China Eastern and China Southern. Similarly, 26 airports which qualify under the 10 million passenger handling capacity will also partake in this exercise. This will provide a real-time baggage tracking search service for passengers through APP. Already, baggage can be tracked on routes such as PEK-CGO, CAN-PKX, SZX-SHA, etc., in a real-time and bidirectional manner. As the foundation platform of baggage data, it also provides strong support for several related lines of business, such as baggage security, handling, reconciliation and abnormal baggage queries. Moreover, TravelSky’s solution provides the following advancements while providing real-time tracking to passengers:

  • Determination of six baggage check points: check-in, security check, sorting, truck loading, air loading, and arrival.
  • Unified baggage tracking platform: provides a consolidated service for customers through a standardized data interchange platform, as well as reduces costs for the entire industry via community cooperation. It all provides standardized semantics and accurate messaging for all parties.
  • Enhanced accuracy of RFID technology: assessment of data and statistics produced by the Baggage Travel Platform shows that it can improve the baggage identification rate to more than 99% if sorting via RFID technology.
  • Technological relevance and adaptability for the future: The use of new technologies which include the Internet of Things, 5G, RFID, XML, Big Data etc. will continue to be applied and implemented throughout the project’s construction.

On this note, Baggage Travel Platform has been acknowledged and praised by multiple parties. In September 2020, Baggage Travel Platform obtained acknowledgement from the CAAC and was awarded as "China’s Civil Aviation Baggage Whole-Process Tracking System Public Information Platform", symbolizing the Chinese government’s recognition and promotion of this product.

We were also honored to receive a special recognition award for 20 years as an IATA Strategic Partner. We hereby greatly appreciate the cooperation with partners across the international aviation committee, airlines, airports, etc., who have supported and helped us throughout the course of project implementation. We invite more customers to join in us in the future as we look to further the baggage tracking business together!


Hui Zhi,Junfeng Wang

PM,Airlines Business Department

TravelSky Technology Limited

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