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23 January 2022

EgyptAir operates its first “green service flight”

Environmental sustainability is a key priority for the aviation industry, from our commitment to Fly Net Zero to our work on managing cabin waste, including the reduction of single-use plastics.  

EgyptAir recently operated its first “green service flight”, working towards the reduction of single-use plastics across their flights.

We spoke to Captain Karim Gamil, Mitigation and Carbon Offset Manager, Safety, Quality and Follow-up Division, EgyptAir Holding Company about this eco-friendly flight and EgyptAir’s commitment to sustainability.

Captain Gamil, what does a “green service flight” mean?

This project is part of an overall commitment by EgyptAir to integrate sustainable practices into the airline’s operations. What we have chosen to do for this flight is to eliminate single-use plastics across all services provided on the flight, and we identified 27 items that were replaced by recyclable or sustainable material. We aim to reduce the use of single-use plastics by 90% on all our flights in the near future.

And we are very honoured that the Minister of Civil Aviation H.E. Mohamed Manar was the pilot for the flight from Cairo to Paris, demonstrating the government’s support and commitment to sustainability. And our very own Chairman and CEO of EgyptAir Holding Company, Captain Amr Abu Elenein piloted the return flight. 

Can you tell us more about EgyptAir’s sustainability commitment?

Our commitment is to reduce our environmental footprint and improve our social impact, while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction and offering our passengers a unique travel experience. To do this, we established a sustainability committee in 2019 to ensure that sustainable practices are an integrated part of our activities and operations.

Our commitment to the environment is driven by our vision as EgyptAir to grow sustainably in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This will be done through fleet modernization, exploring sustainable aviation fuels, investing in new technologies and innovative solutions and adopting industry best practices.

Interestingly, in 2019, EgyptAir fueled a Boeing 787 Dreamliner with biofuel for the delivery flight, so we are seeking opportunities to introduce sustainability where we can.

What are some future projects that we can look forward to?

You will definitely see more green service flights and these will actually be marked by a green logo designed specifically for these types of flights. And let’s just say that EgyptAir is keen to be a leading airline in the region and around the world to adopt more sustainable practices and use greener technologies and innovations.



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