Surface transportation could unlock even greater efficiency in the air transportation industry. Flying is the easy part of air travel. More often, time buffers have to be built into the journey to the airport owing to heavy road congestion, traffic jams, etc., and a lack of alternative options. Passengers arrive stressed and travel-weary before they even board an aircraft.

The main problem is the under-utilization of road and rail transport corridors. Even on congested roads, only 15% of the surface is being occupied at a given time. One innovative solution is moving roads rather than moving vehicles. Correctly designed, an “electro-magnetic” highway system could accommodate all manner of vehicles, from conventional automobiles to specialist designs.

Managing such a system in the airport vicinity would give airlines the opportunity to “distributize” the airport—getting passengers directly to where they need to be with the minimum of fuss.

Ground innovation means air travel will never be the same!

Speaker: Brogan BamBrogan