View the complete AGM 2018 Event Agenda (pdf) for an overview of the sessions. ​

Day 1 - Monday 4 June - World Air Transport Summit

Speakers’ Corner: Revolutionizing How Passengers Get From Home to Their Planes

Surface transportation could unlock even greater efficiency in the air transportation industry. Flying is the easy part of air travel. More often, time buffers have to be built into the journey to the airport owing to heavy road congestion, traffic jams, etc., and a lack of alternative options. Passengers arrive stressed and travel-weary before they even board an aircraft. Read more

Speaker: Brogan BamBrogan

Annual Report of the Air Transport Industry

Speech by Alexandre de Juniac, IATA Director General & CEO

20 minute interview: The Future is Alternative Fuels

Ten years on from the first biofuel flight, are alternative fuels the future? Although the growth from 1 flight in 2008 to more than 100,000 flights in 2018 has been impressive, overall, the contribution of SAF to aviation fuel use is still tiny.  Read more

Moderator: Andrew Stevens
Speaker: Matti Lievonen

20 minute interview: The Benefits & Risks of Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism generates enormous social and economic benefits and in some cases is the very heartbeat of an economy. But a long-term view must be taken to ensure the industry remains sustainable. Read more

Moderator: Rod Eddington
Speaker: Gloria Guevara

20 minute interview: Driving Gender Equality in Aviation

The aerospace sector has done good work in the area of improving gender parity including OEMs. But airlines have to make a much bigger effort. In a packed room of almost 1,000 people, just a handful of women self-identified as being at the C-Suite level. Industry has to accelerate training and find ways to bring more women into the airline workforce. Read more

Moderator: Andrew Stevens
Speakers: Mandi SamsonMylene Scholnick

20 minute interview: Airport Privatization

The debate was heated on the subject of airport privatization, with conflicting airline/airport narratives emerging. But, ultimately, common ground was found.  Read more

Moderator: Richard Quest
Speakers: Alison RobertsEmmanuel Menanteau

Speakers’ Corner: Why Is Aviation Not Making Better Use of Data?

Data is the new gold. Every day, some 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are produced. The global data economy is valued at $3 trillion and will doubtless soar given that 75.4 devices are predicted to be connected to the Internet of Things by 2025. Everything will be talking to everything. Read more

Speaker: Mario Hardy

Panel Discussion: Aviation Security: What Next?

Aviation is a globalized network business, so it needs a global approach to ensuring security. Unilateral actions are not very effective. Industry needs to be consulted, to be given the opportunity to present ideas and to have time to implement new measures. Read more


Keynote Address: Fighting Human Trafficking – How Aviation Can Help

Exact statistics are hard to come by, but it is thought that about 25 million people are living in modern slavery—the equivalent of the population of Australia. Most are women and children. 

​View video addresses:
Mira Sorvino
Jean-Luc Lemahieu

Panel Discussion: Airline CEO Insight Debate

Consistent profitability in the past few years suggests these are good times for the industry. But a wide-ranging panel discussion noted the various challenges looming on the horizon that could seriously erode margins, if not destroy them entirely. Read more

Moderator: Richard Quest
Speakers: Calin RovinescuTim ClarkRupert HoggPieter ElbersChristopher Luxon

Day 2 - Tuesday 5 June - Annual General Meeting

Update: Industry Outlook Presentation

IATA's Chief Economist, Brian Pearce, will talk about some of the macro-economic factors shaping aviation's operating environment, some of the policy responses to those factors and what this will mean for airlines over the coming 12 months. 

Director General's Report of IATA

Speech by Alexandre de Juniac, IATA Director General & CEO

Update: Airlink

Airlink will provide an update on the incredible work it is doing to link airlines with non-profit organizations in order to provide support to disaster relief operations around the world.

Speakers: Steven SmithPeter Davies

Update: International Airline Training Fund (IATF)

Captain David Savy, a member of the IATF Council, will provide an update on the IATF's work to sponsor training, most notably in the operational safety area, to airlines in regions of the world where it is most needed.

Speaker: David Savy