Travel and tourism generates enormous social and economic benefits and in some cases is the very heartbeat of an economy. But a long-term view must be taken to ensure the industry remains sustainable. 

There are three major challenges. The first is the security and facilitation of passengers. Introduction of biometrics will make processes more secure and efficient. Biometric programs also should be globally aligned to achieve a seamless passenger experience. Significantly, biometrics offers opportunities throughout the travel and tourism value chain, not just air travel. 

A second challenge is crisis management. When an event affects air travel, the knock-on effects must be quickly understood and the correct mitigating measures put in place to ensure minimal disruption to travelers. It is vital that travel and tourism stakeholders are involved in these decisions and processes. 

Finally, the industry must grow in a sustainable manner. A holistic approach is essential. Long-term plans must reflect global best practices to ensure local populations understand the value that tourism creates—and are able to participate in the benefits.

Moderator: Rod Eddington
Speaker: Gloria Guevara