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Your Access Point for Airline Sustainability Data Management, Reporting, and Compliance

Reaching net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 will require the coordinated efforts of the entire industry (airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, manufacturers) and significant government support. Reporting mechanisms will need to be established and fostering standardization and harmonization will be critical.

Simultaneously, there is a growing demand for enhanced transparency regarding airlines’ CO2 emissions. Airlines are asked to provide their data, which puts them at risk of losing control and ownership over this data and poses reputational and credibility risks. Additionally, the rising costs associated with environmental reporting have become a major concern to airlines that are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

IATA EcoHub provides solution to these pressing challenges.

Need Help?

Need Help?

One-stop shop for airline environmental data management

EcoHub aims to become the single access point for airline environmental data management, reporting, and compliance. By streamlining processes, EcoHub empowers airlines to efficiently fulfil their environmental commitments. The platform safeguards airlines’ environmental data and ensures confidentiality and ownership over it, while offering solutions to complex tasks that require powerful support tools. Currently, EcoHub offers two essential modules:


  • CORSIA Center: formerly known as FRED+, a secured platform which supports and facilitates CO2 emissions reporting for aircraft operators and states subject to CORSIA in accordance with the ICAO requirements.
  • CO2 Connect: a secured platform designed for airlines to upload their fuel burn and belly cargo performance in support of the IATA CO2 Connect calculator. The data is reviewed before being seamlessly integrated into the CO2 Connect calculator, enabling precise and accurate calculations of passenger CO2 emissions. 

Access to EcoHub

EcoHub facilitates access to the users of EcoHub modules, primarily airline representatives as well as  state authorities and other parties. EcoHub-wide access is tied to access to at least one of the modules available on the platform.

Key steps
Step 1: Register to the IATA Customer Portal (if not registered)

Step 2: Complete your profile in the Customer Portal and indicate your company name (please make sure not to skip this step).

Step 3: Select EcoHub from the available services, and request access. You will receive a notification once access has been granted.

Looking ahead


EcoHub will progressively include the following modules:

  • IATA TrackZero: built on IATA's Net Zero Tracking Methodology, this platform will leverage airline-specific data to benchmark and track progress towards the industry's net-zero target by 2050.
  • SAF Accounting and Reporting: the industry system for airlines, fuel suppliers, and corporates to book, manage, verify, and claim the environmental benefits associated with the use of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Carbon Offsetting: a central marketplace providing carbon market insights for airlines and aviation stakeholders to trade CO2 emission reductions, including CORSIA eligible emission units. This module will include the IATA Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE) and other carbon market analytics.
  • IEnvA Hub: an information center for the IATA Environmental Assessment program (IEnvA). IEnvA is an independent certification program that evaluates the environmental and sustainability efforts of aviation stakeholders.

EcoHub Frequently Asked Questions

IATA EcoHub is a comprehensive ecosystem of modules designed to empower airlines in effectively managing and reporting their sustainability data. Serving as a centralized platform, EcoHub offers a convenient single access point for airlines to input their data, which is then processed to fulfil various reporting and disclosure requirements. Additionally, EcoHub facilitates benchmarking against industry averages and supports CORSIA offset compliance and access to carbon market information.

The IATA Customer Portal is a dedicated hub for IATA member airlines and industry stakeholders, offering a range of services and resources to support efficient collaboration. It provides tools for ticketing, reservations, cargo management, data exchange, safety, security, and financial settlement.

EcoHub is one of the services available via the IATA Customer Portal that focuses on airline environmental data management and reporting. It enables airlines to input, process, report, and benchmark their environmental performance, allowing for more transparency and harmonisation across the industry.

If you face an issue in the IATA Customer Portal, please contact the IATA Customer Service. For any issues with EcoHub functionalities, or to learn more about the platform, please contact us at

No, the access to IATA EcoHub and all its modules is completely free of charge and available to all IATA member and non-member airlines.

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