Lithium batteries carried by passengers remain a safety concern for airlines. You may carry devices powered by lithium batteries subject to certain conditions.

The following items must only be packed in carry-on baggage:

  • Portable power banks - these are portable power supplies that allow you to charge other electrical devices.
  • Electronic cigarettes – including e-cigarettes, vapes, e-cigars etc.
  • Spare batteries of any type



We recommend that you keep all your electronic devices in carry-on baggage. If you prefer to pack these in your suitcase, please check with your airline first and make sure that they are completely switched off - not in "sleep" or "hibernate" mode.

What is a PED?

A PED is a Portable Electronic Device. This is any piece of lightweight, electrically-powered equipment. These devices are typically consumer electronic devices, capable of communications, data processing and/or computing. Examples are laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, MP3 players, drones and electronic toys.

Did you know?

PEDs are more prone to failure when in use and/or when charging. You should be aware of this and monitor any devices that you have in the cabin. Take care not to let them fall down the side of the seat and never leave them unattended while charging. It is better to switch them completely off when you are not using them.

What is a portable power bank?

Portable power banks are a battery with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow you to store electrical energy and then later use it to charge another electronic device. They come in many shapes and sizes and you may not be aware that you are carrying one. However, if you have a device that allows you to charge another electrical device, you have a power bank.

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