​IATA supports the industry’s safe and efficient fuel management through two main streams: Fuel Servicing, focused on the commercial and technical aspects of fuel and the Fuel Efficiency Program, focused on operational best practices for fuel management. IATA provides operational expertise to members in areas such as: assessment of fuel quality and fuel delivery, best practices in maintenance for fuel filters and fuel safekeeping, optimal fuel usage and emissions reductions.

Fuel Servicing

IATA represents and promotes the interests of its members in all aspects of commercial and technical fuel, with a focus on ensuring the reliable supply of quality jet fuel at optimal price levels, available at airports worldwide. Check out the IATA fuel fact sheet (pdf) for the impact of fuel on the airline industry results.

Commercial Fuel: IATA supports the airlines to ensure the fuel provision agreements are aligned with their operational needs and cover all regulatory and internal requirements.

Technical Fuel: IATA provides advisory support to airlines to ensure the fuel used complies with all technical requirements for efficient operation and maintenance of tanks, engines, etc. IATA also issues alerts on fuel provision disruption in specific airport locations or problems with into-plane fueling procedures worldwide.

Fuel Efficiency

Through its Fuel Efficiency Program, IATA helps airlines to identify, develop and implement fuel management best practices in areas such as flight operations, engineering and maintenance, as well as flight dispatch, with the ultimate goal of reducing their consumption of fuel.

IATA supports airlines worldwide to monitor and validate effective fuel savings. Special on-site support can also be provided as part of the IATA Consulting portfolio.

Visit our Fuel Efficiency page for more information.


We work with key stakeholders including fuel suppliers, related service providers, aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, standardization bodies, airport authorities and governments on a number of initiatives geared toward sustainability.