Founded in 1997, the IATA De-Icing/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP) consists of over 125 member airlines who share inspections of de-icing and anti-icing service providers across the globe. 

An average of 600 inspections at some 500 airports are conducted by 160 DAQCP inspectors each year.

DAQCP is highly regarded by the service providers and inspections conducted by the Pool are recognized by various regulatory bodies and authorities.

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> DAQCP Member Airlines (pdf)


The primary objective of the DAQCP is to ensure and promote the safety of aircraft operations. Additionally, the Pool has established the following objectives:

  • To continuously improve the DAQCP inspection standards
  • To expand the geographical coverage of suppliers inspected
  • To support the continuous improvement of the safety and compliance standards of de-/ anti-icing suppliers
  • To ensure the financial health of the DAQCP
  • To expand DAQCP membership

Benefits for Airlines

Besides ensuring and promoting safety and compliance of winter operations, member airlines benefit from considerable financial and logistical savings achieved through pooling of oversight and monitoring activities. On an average, DAQCP members save up to 85% of audits across the network. Additional benefits are achieved as follows: 

  • DAQCP inspection checklists are based on the latest SAE Global Standards and the reports produced by the Pool are acceptable to various regulatory bodies. DAQCP membership supports operators in achieving conformity with applicable IOSA standards
  • Pool members get access to all inspection reports and records contained in DAQCP database. In addition to contributing to airlines’ monitoring programs, the data may be used for planning ad hoc flights, or opening new routes
  • All inspection reports undergo a scrutinized quality control process to ensure highest quality of the product and continuous improvement of the training material, Pool processes, checklists and standards
  • Through the DAQCP software, airlines are notified when a new audit document or record becomes available
  • Annual recurrent training is provided to Inspectors and Representatives at the expense of the Pool*
  • All inspectors are issued with equipment required for the successful completion of the audit in a standardized manner*
  • DAQCP does not charge annual membership fees*

* Subject to change should the financial situation of the Pool deteriorate

> DAQCP Member Airlines (pdf)

Benefits for Service Providers

The Program not only ensures adherence of the service providers to the latest safety, compliance and operational requirements of the customer airlines, but also ensures the operations are conducted in a standardized manner at all locations. Pooled activities by DAQCP drastically reduce the number of audits the Service Providers are undergoing annually, which allows allocating saved resources to improvement and development.

Benefits for Regulators

Regulatory bodies receive confidence and assurance that DAQCP member airlines are utilizing the data produced from credible and trustworthy organization ensuring:

  • All inspectors receive standardized initial and recurrent training based on the latest requirements
  • Checklists are based on the latest SAE Global Standards
  • Stringent Quality Control process is applied to all audits

Membership Options

Active Membership

Active members contribute to the Pool by means nominating inspectors and conducting inspections on behalf of DAQCP as part of their assigned quota. Active members get unrestricted access to all inspection reports in DAQCP database.

Passive Membership

Passive members get access to purchasing any audit report from the DAQCP database.

DAQCP Inspections

DAQCP inspections are accomplished annually during the winter season and are based on checklists developed by the pool. The checklists are updated annually after consideration of the latest developments in de-icing/anti-icing operations, applicable Global Standards and regulations, as well as lessons learned during the previous season. Audit reports, as well as the audit related communication, are instantly shared with member airlines via the DAQCP extranet. Safety critical findings are promptly reported with Alert Letters to affected airlines.

DAQCP inspections include the following scopes:

  • Safety & Quality Management System
  • Procedures, Documentation, Management & Supervision
  • Access to Customer Airlines’ Documentation
  • De-Icing/Anti-icing Communication
  • Training and Qualification of personnel
  • De-icing/Anti-icing Facilities & Equipment
  • Integrity of Sprayed De-icing/Anti-icing Fluids
  • Acceptance, Storage  & Protection of Fluids

Request for proposal

Join DAQCP in our quest for excellence and innovation. We are looking for a service provider for cutting-edge auditing software and a robust database system which will benefit not only DAQCP but also the aviation industry and our customer airlines. The below Request For Proposal (RFP) document outlines our vision for an efficient aviation quality ecosystem. Partner with us to enhance auditing processes, reduce manual workload, and improve our data. Be part of shaping the future of aviation auditing and helping DAQCP maintain industry-leading standards. Your expertise is essential for safer travel and a more efficient aviation sector. Complete the RFP and send it to daqcp-admin@iata.org deadline to submit is 15 November 2023.

Interested in Joining the DAQCP Pool or Knowing More? 

For additional information on membership, fees and training, please contact:

DAQCP Administration
e-mail: daqcp-admin@IATA.org
Tel + 1 (438) 258 3403
Fax + 1 (514) 874 2661